Resource Wastages.

The Presidency is at it again, the game they know best, waste of time and resources. The federal government has started a tour to enlighten Nigerians on the “achievements” of the President GEJ government, “The National Good Governance Tour which started in Abuja last week, is expected to go round the country’s 36 states. It is designed to enlighten Nigerians on the achievements of the Goodluck Jonathan administration and also get feedback from Nigerians”. The federal government does not need to enlighten Nigerians on the “achievements” of President Goodluck Jonathan. Nigerians already know his achievements so far. Let his actions/policies speak for him. More so, his position is reserved for him in history. Posterity is watching. This project is a waste of resources, time and energy. The minister of information and communication should terminate this tour immediately. May God bless Nigeria. C.V.Akuta UK. Brief Volunteer Scheme: Calling on, all unemployed/underemployed Nigerians, to consider taking up volunteer jobs. Also pleading with employers, government, institutions, corporate bodies, organizations, establishments etc to consider recruiting volunteer staffs. Employers, employees and the economy will greatly benefit thru the above scheme. Save a Life Project: In view of the poor health facilities in Nigeria, this is asking all Nigerians to acquire simple/basic first aid training. This training is very, very simple, but can save a lot of lives. Life has no duplicate. This basic first aid training can be done thru e-learning, in a short time and very cheap.

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