El-Rufai (Kaduna State Governor) is the Highest Hypocrite.

El-Rufai (Kaduna State Governor) is a chief hypocrite. He has never obeyed any court order, but rushed to supreme court to stop the currency redesign efforts of the federal government.

El-Rufai (Kaduna State Governor) chased away a sitting judge from his residence and celebrated this feet/achievement in his book called the Accidental Public Servant. Grab a copy of the book and see.

El-Rufai (Kaduna State Governor) bribed a former Chief Judge of the Federal High Court (Justice Gunmi), who was an old school mate from Berewa so that nobody could sue him while he was still the Minister of Federal Capital Territory Abuja. He personally said these in his book.

Read what former President Obasanjo said of him in his book.

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