Monthly Ministerial Briefings.

President Buhari should as a matter of urgency, ask all his ministers to commence immediate monthly ministerial briefings. Every minister should give monthly account of his/her ministry. That way, Nigerians will have the opportunity to engage and ask relevant questions. It would also help to expose any non performing minister. Ex President Obasanjo started, monthly briefings during his tenure. But as it is with the current administration, nothing short of monthly ministerial briefings would suffice. There appears to be a communication gap between the masses and the government. Nigerians want to be carried along. My advice, let the government sink or swim with the masses that voted them.
Similar to the above, Nigerians should contact and engage with the person representing their constituency at the House of Representatives and The Senate. Same applies to the State level. In every government, the legislatures have greater roles to play. Putting all attention, pressures, and blames on the executive is not proper. House of Representative Members and Senators can also give monthly, bi monthly or quarterly briefings on their job roles (number of bills passed etc). Where anyone is not doing his/her job roles, then such person(s) should be removed, recalled, sacked or encouraged to sit up. No more time to waste.

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