Crytocurrency: Onecoin Explained.

John Pius Osuagwu: Hi guys, my name is John Pius. I am a miner and promoter of Onecoin Cryptocurrency, am based in Lagos Nigeria.
16/04/2016, 12:10 pm – C.V.Akuta Media.: Welcome John Pius Osuagwu.
16/04/2016, 12:10 pm – C.V.Akuta Media.: Please elaborate more on onecoin crytocurrency
16/04/2016, 12:11 pm – C.V.Akuta Media.: I hear about Bitcoin too. Explain the difference please
16/04/2016, 12:12 pm – Westwell Co Ltd: Interesting to know much about both Bitcoin & Crytocurrency
16/04/2016, 12:13 pm – Westwell Co Ltd: What man no sabi pass am
16/04/2016, 12:20 pm – C Okorie: Abi, we. are all ears.
16/04/2016, 12:21 pm – A Stephen: Reading
16/04/2016, 12:27 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Thank you all for the chance to share with u all the onecoin Cryptocurrency opportunity. This is the best investnent currently in the world today taking after pioneering cryptocurrency called bitcoin.
16/04/2016, 12:30 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: First of all what is a cryptocurrency? A cryptocurrency simply means digital or virtual money. Direct opposite if cryptocurrency is fiat currency or paper money like pounds sterling, dollar, naira, euro etc.
16/04/2016, 12:32 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Digital or cryptocurrencies are used for online transactions, transfers and payments. They are cheaper, quicker and easier compared to bank transfeřs.
16/04/2016, 12:34 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: It all started in 2009 when a Japanese man called satoshi nakamoto invented the first ever cryptocurrency called bitcoin.
16/04/2016, 12:34 pm – Jerry: That’s fine. Good afternoon Amenedo.
16/04/2016, 12:36 pm – A Stephen: Good one.
16/04/2016, 12:36 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: It was intended to replace the the paper money or at least provide alternative to present day paper money because of the problems associated with the banking system and their paper money.
16/04/2016, 12:38 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: It was not meant to be regulated by central banks or any authority.
16/04/2016, 12:40 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: To kickstart bitcoin computer savvy individuals were invited to come and invest in bitcoin with promise thst the coin will appreciate in value over time.
16/04/2016, 12:43 pm – O.K.Oliaku: Bitcoin has been confirmed to BE a fraud, but I don`t know much about onecoin, so people should look before they leap!
16/04/2016, 12:47 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: There was scepticism all over the place and bloggers took to their blogs called bitcoin scam, ponzi or pyramid schemes. This discouraged a lot of people from investing; but then there were those who took the risk and invested in bitcoin. From the starting price of 10 cents per coin in 2009, bitcoin rose to $1,200 in 2013. All who invested in bitcoin made millions and multi millions depending on how much invested. There was a story of a Norwegian man who invested just $27 in 2009 and he 2013, he realised $860,000 from his meagre investment.
16/04/2016, 12:47 pm – Westwell Co Ltd: What are the guarantee.
Any online links/website
Any idea of affiliated banks
16/04/2016, 12:48 pm – A. Stephen: Good quest.
16/04/2016, 12:48 pm – O. K.Oliaku: Sure, The First set of people normally Benefit, but The later set pays The prize, that is The pyramid
16/04/2016, 12:50 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Why was bitcoin a goldmine for its investors? Because those investors were the early miners. In cryptocurrency biz early miners are the ones that make fortune. Once the cryptocurrency is listed on the exchange investors snd speculators take over and they struggle for the crumbs left over by early miners.
16/04/2016, 12:52 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: The opportunity to make fortune in bitcoin is gone and gone forever. So to your surprise my discussion us not about bitcoin but about Onecoin
16/04/2016, 12:54 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Onecoin is in its early mining stage and therefore investment in onecoin as early miner guarantees you a fortune in 2 years time.
16/04/2016, 12:56 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Before onecoin there have been attempts by other cryptocurrency coys to do what Bitcoin did with luck as they could not break into the market.
16/04/2016, 12:57 pm – O. K.Oliaku: Some Asiana introduced onecoin to my Union here in Finland last year, and according to them, it has been in existense For a number of years.
16/04/2016, 12:57 pm – C.V.Akuta Media.: What’s the minimum investment and maximum investment.
16/04/2016, 12:57 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: No onecoin started mining in Jan 2015.
16/04/2016, 12:59 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Onecoin started at a price of 50 cents per coin in January 2015 and today it’s selling for 5.63 euro.
16/04/2016, 1:00 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Onecoin is projected to sell for 50 – 100 euro in two years time.
16/04/2016, 1:01 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: These are the different amounts in which u can invest in onecoin.
16/04/2016, 1:04 pm – F. Enwerem: Then how to invest if anyone is interested.
16/04/2016, 1:05 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: 1. Starter package 110 euro; 2. Trader package 550 euro; 3. Pro trader package 1100 euro; 4. Executive trader package 3300 euro: 5. Tycoon trader package 5500 euro; 6. Premium trader package 12,500 euro and finally 7. 25,000 euro.
16/04/2016, 1:06 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Each of those packages come with what is called tokens.
16/04/2016, 1:10 pm – A. Stephen: Ok
16/04/2016, 1:11 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Those tokens enjoy split, that is, they double in number. But from tycoon and above enjoy double split.
16/04/2016, 1:12 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Let’s go practical
16/04/2016, 1:13 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Assume someone is buying tycoon package. It comes with 60,000 tokens.
16/04/2016, 1:14 pm – A. Stephen: What is the ROI on monthly basis?
16/04/2016, 1:16 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: When you buy, u have to wait for about 2 months for your tokens to split ( double). When it doubles they become 120,000 tokens. But because tycoon enjoys double split, you have to wait for another 2 months for the second split to happen and when it does, you have a total of 240,000 tokens.
16/04/2016, 1:16 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: At this point you are ready to submit them for mining.
16/04/2016, 1:18 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: At the time you are going for mining, what determines the number of coins you will have after mining is the mining difficulty.
16/04/2016, 1:18 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: What is mining difficulty?
16/04/2016, 1:20 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Mining difficulty is the rate at which u exchange your tokens for coins. In other words, how many tokens would it cost u to produce a coin. Presently the mining difficulty is 57.
16/04/2016, 1:22 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: So to determine how many coins you will get after mining your 240,000 tokens, you have to divide 240,000 by 57. 240,000/57=4210 coins.
16/04/2016, 1:23 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: So your 240,000 tokens would fetch u 4210 coins after mining.
16/04/2016, 1:26 pm – Okey Mba: Here’s why hyped-up web currency OneCoin is virtually worthless
16/04/2016, 1:27 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Just a few months ago when I mined my coins the mining difficulty was 40 and I got 6,000 coins after mining. Why is this so? Because the mining difficulty is always on the rise. And as it rises the price of the coin also rises. It never goes down.
16/04/2016, 1:34 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: I have gone through that report and I told someone thst that journalist that wrote that is the most amateurish reporter I have read. His is gorilla journalism without any form of investigation. And I told my friend that if am his employers I will fire him.
16/04/2016, 1:35 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: I have a response to the crap he wrote there on facebook and I will look for a way to post it here.
16/04/2016, 1:39 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: As a miner in onecoin I know the journalist ( or is he one?) wrote out of hearsay. There is a maxim in journalism that facts must be presented at all times and journalists are charged to leave out, when in doubt. The reporter did not allow that to guide him.
16/04/2016, 1:42 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Those negative reviews happened in the time of bitcoin and that was why a lot of people were discoursged from  investing in bitcoin. Just Google bitcoin scam 2009 and see what comes up.
16/04/2016, 1:45 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Continuing, onecoin is going to mine a total of 2.1 billion coins. And would be listed on the cryptocurrency exchange when 70% of the 2.1billion have been mined.
16/04/2016, 1:47 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: When it is listed, forces of demand and supply takes over. But before then, the price of the coin will continue to rise.
16/04/2016, 1:50 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Am open to take questions.
16/04/2016, 1:55 pm – Westwell Co Ltd: Can we learn from all this tricks or real and form our own way forward.
Can we start a debate on the best beneficial aspects of investment that we can start up
Hopefully my suggestions is in other.
16/04/2016, 1:59 pm – C.V.Akuta Media.: What is RoI like?
16/04/2016, 2:00 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Which question is for me and which is not for me?
16/04/2016, 2:01 pm – C.V.Akuta Media.: John Pius
What is RoI like?
16/04/2016, 2:01 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Ok
16/04/2016, 2:02 pm – C.V.Akuta Media.: John Pius
How convinced are you that the prices would go up?
16/04/2016, 2:02 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: When u have your coins, you wait for them to appreciate in value.
16/04/2016, 2:04 pm – Francis Enwerem: For many months or years should we wait?
16/04/2016, 2:05 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: The present price of the coin is 5.63 euro per coin. By December it is projected to reach 15 euro per coin and in 2 years time, it will sell for 50-100 euro per coin. So u do the maths.
16/04/2016, 2:09 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: If you have 4210 coins after mine which u bought at a price of 5500 euro. To get value of your investment by Dec u multiply 4210 by 15 euro, that gives u 63,150 euro.
16/04/2016, 2:10 pm – C.V.Akuta Media.: What happens if it doesn’t appreciate by Dec
16/04/2016, 2:11 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: You see an investment of 5500 euro in April fetches u 63,150 euros.
16/04/2016, 2:12 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: And in 2 years time it will sell for 50 euro pet coin. So u do another multiplication. And see the figure u get.
16/04/2016, 2:13 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: @Chinedu, so long as mining difficulty keep increasing, it automatically increases with the price of the coin.
16/04/2016, 2:14 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: I have been an investor since June last year and can attest to this fact.
16/04/2016, 2:15 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: When I invested in onecoin, the price was 1.20 euro per coin and today the price is 5.63 euro pet coin.
16/04/2016, 2:16 pm – C.V.Akuta Media.: John Pius
Please can you give us, in percentages of yr profits since June?
16/04/2016, 2:16 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: It is not a monthly profit.
16/04/2016, 2:17 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Just hold on
16/04/2016, 2:18 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: IMG-20160416-WA0031.jpg (file attached)
16/04/2016, 2:20 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: The above shows the price journey so far from Jan 2015 to date. At any point in time u multiply the number of your coin holding by the current price of the coin.
16/04/2016, 2:22 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: You set your target when u want to sell and the price at the time u are selling determines your profit. Its not a monthly ROI thing.
16/04/2016, 2:23 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: More questions.
16/04/2016, 2:25 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: In cryptocurrency currency biz u make more money if u leave your investment at least 2 years. Those who made fortune in bitcoin left their investment for 5 years (2009-2013).
16/04/2016, 2:26 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: You make money from price appreciation over time.
16/04/2016, 2:28 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: In onecoin you do kyc but bitcoin is unanimous.
16/04/2016, 2:28 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: ananimous rather.
16/04/2016, 2:30 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: All who invested good money in onecoin are already sitting on fortune yet this is still morning for the investment.
16/04/2016, 2:32 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: At the early mining stage in cryptocurrency biz, price is ever going up, it never goes down.
16/04/2016, 2:33 pm – Francis Enwerem: John do you have website?
16/04/2016, 2:34 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: If u are interested in iinvesting in onecoin as an early investor, pls sign up here
16/04/2016, 2:35 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: No, but I have a thread on nairaland.
16/04/2016, 2:36 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: The above is my thread that has been running on nairaland since Dec.
16/04/2016, 2:39 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Method of payment to onecoin is through bank wire. Detail of banks used by onecoin could be found at your back office when you sign up. Sign up is free.
16/04/2016, 2:42 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: If u invest in onecoin and refer a friend or anyone, you get paid bonus for your effort and the bonus is very generous, though not compulsory you should refer anyone.
16/04/2016, 2:44 pm – A. Stephen: Does it means without referal no bonus?
16/04/2016, 2:44 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Yes
16/04/2016, 2:45 pm – A. Stephen: Guess its like networking
16/04/2016, 2:45 pm – A. Stephen: After investing we also have to talk to pple
16/04/2016, 2:46 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: You get benefit of your investment whenever u sell your coins. Bonus is for those who share onecoin opportunity with family friends.
16/04/2016, 2:47 pm – Nice: John Pius, good job in ur explanation efforts. Pls clarify:
1.Onecoin, a descendant of bitcoin, following in the genealogy or not?
2. As currency alternative or paper money replace why does it require your paper money or currency to invest. Can’t there be other investment quotients that doesn’t rely on your hard- earned paper money?
3. What exactly is “mining difficulty”? What causes it and how can it be avoided/eliminated? Is it a “coinage” to sooth frustration and fraud when they kick an investor in the teeth? BE HONEST! Take your time to complete comprehensive research.
4. Did you know about “Silver Coin SCN”? Asking from huge bitter experiences.
SAFEGUARD your money people!
16/04/2016, 2:51 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: It’s up to you if you want to talk to people to invest SO that u make extra cash. If not, onecoin is purely investment but networking was ingeniously introduced by the founder to sell the coins faster than it took bitcoib. It’s part of innovation and thinking outside the box. Onecoin is the only cryptocurrency that has adopted this model and it has turned out to be a huge success.
16/04/2016, 2:52 pm – A. Stephen: Ok thanks
16/04/2016, 2:53 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Is this nice nwokoro that I know? Former futon student?
16/04/2016, 2:55 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Futo
16/04/2016, 3:03 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: @Nice, I will always give honest answers even if no one invests at the end of the day. onecoin is largely a copy of bitcoin with some variations. There are over 500 Cryptocurrency coys thst copied bitcoin but none was able to break into the market they are just existing on paper. Only onecoib copied well with innovations it introduced especially the netwwork marketing that was ingeniously introduced. That was the game changer for onecoin as they are no two on market capitalization after bitcoin. When onecoin is listed they will beat bitcoin to the no 1 position.
16/04/2016, 3:11 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Question2: Even bitcoin depends on same paper money for investment. But dont forget thst cryptocurrency is just evolving, they ate the future of money. It’s a matter of time. The way the biggest banks in the world and microsoft are experimenting on blockchain, in the next ten year I dont think are going to have paper money around. Watchout! And onecoin is positioning itself to be the reserve currency if the world. Chinese govt is encouraging her citizens to dumb bitcoin and invest in onecoin.
16/04/2016, 3:21 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Question 3:  Hmmm nice u are not nice with Question 3.  Mining difficulty is all about the difficulty involved in mining the coins as more and more tokens are sent to the blockchain for mining into coins. So a number of lokens are exchanged to able to mine 1 coin. As more and more tokens go to the blockchain for mining, the mining difficulty keep increasing. Presently it is 57 meaning u will need 57 of your tokens to mine or exchange for 1coin. It is purely a factor of demand for the services of the blockchain.
16/04/2016, 3:38 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Question 4. I heard about silver coin. Go and check, that was not a cryptocurrency. A lot of scam investment but u must be discerning with your due diligence. Onecoin is a legit business and it’s blockchain is the only block chain among cryptocurrency coys that is audited monthly. The owner of onecoin is a well known figure (Dr Ruja Ignatova) who has worn international awards. She is one of the best 5 consultants on cryptocurrency in the world today. She has a masters degree in economics and PhD in law. She was invited in Oct 2015 to deliver a speech on future of payments at yhe 4th SE EU summit where past and present heads of govt of EU countries were present. Officials of world bank, EU central bank and other EU officials were present. Also notable coys such as Microsoft, Google, visa, Amundi etc. She has won business person of the year twice in Bulgaria. She has a lot to protect image wise.
16/04/2016, 3:48 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: [12:13, 1/1/2016] John Pius:
[12:13, 1/1/2016] John Pius: Watch “OneCoin Founder Dr.  Ruja Ignatova   Speech during the Fourth EU Southeast Europe Summit” on YouTube –
16/04/2016, 3:48 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: More questions
16/04/2016, 3:48 pm – Westwell Co Ltd: Any beneficial interest please let us know
16/04/2016, 4:25 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Before the end of this year onecoin will launch its merchant programme. Where about 30,000 online merchants will start accepting onecoin for online transactions. And onecoin will also own it’s own webshop like Alibaba.  By next year onecoin will launch its own payment solution that to be called Onepay. It will be bigger than pay pal. Onecoin is ingeniously introducing network marketing to these two. What does it mean? If you introduce a merchant who comes onboard the onevoin merchant platform, you get bonus on all items sold by the merchant on the platform and this will be for life. The same thing applies to the payment solution. If u introduce a user of the card u get bonus for introducing the user. Please note that every member of onecoin is entitled to MasterCard could be used in more than 1 million ATM machines with MasterCard logo worldwide.
16/04/2016, 4:36 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Over 3000 investors join onecoin every day in 204 countries of the world. And onecoin has over 1.8 million members and over 600 million coins have so far been mined. Onecoin is the only company on planet earth to hit $1b sales in one year of its operation. It took Microsoft 7 years to achieve this feat. And onecoin has already broken its own record by achieving $2b sales in 15 months of its operation. This is the intimidating feat the ingenious introduction of network marketinfg has achieved for onecoin.
16/04/2016, 4:40 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Onecoin, though a copy from bitcoin is predicted by Chinese govt to achieve and do 10 times whatever bitcoin has achieved. And onecoin on its own says it will do to bitcoin what facebook did to myspace or Google to yahoo.
16/04/2016, 4:41 pm – Nice: Here John, hearing and learning; waiting for NEW news!
Patient still for REAL answers to my penultimate queries. Love it when poor people become RICH not for the rich to get richer and the poor get poorer. Financial Cinderella my first true love!
16/04/2016, 4:44 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: I have addressed your questions point by point. Are u saying I didnt address them?
16/04/2016, 4:47 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: It’s like u are not reading what I have been writing. Even when I asked u question before I started answering your questions, u didnt reply and my understanding is that your are not just following.
16/04/2016, 4:51 pm – Sam Anwuzie: Hello house can the person with BA ticket offer confirm if it is still on I need a few tickets to Lagos
16/04/2016, 5:16 pm – Comfort Abumere: @ John Pius I would like to join Onecoin but needs more explanation
16/04/2016, 5:20 pm – Nice: Thanks for being honest, John Pius. All the best for the future.
Will expand due diligence task.
16/04/2016, 5:24 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: @Comfort, did u follow this discussion from the onset?
16/04/2016, 5:25 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: PM so that I can explain further.
16/04/2016, 5:33 pm – Kingsley: Thanks John Pius for your time and the information.Any investment is a risk.I mean both genuine and non genuine.Investors are therefore advised to check the potential risk of any investment,it is totally on their discretion.The best approach to any business venture is to ask the big question, “is it worth it”?.All the best house.
16/04/2016, 5:43 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Anyone who is not ready to take risk certainly is not ready to be rich. Show me a man who is rich today that didnt take risks. The higher your risk, the higher your return. The scepticism that greets onecoin today is a child’s play compared to the one that greeted bitcoin. But all who took the risk in bitcoin in 2009 made fortune from their risk. None lost money. Onecoin promises to do better than what bitcoin did. Whether u believe it or not before our own eyes in two to three years time this will come to pass.
16/04/2016, 5:47 pm – Comfort Abumere: @John Pius no
16/04/2016, 5:49 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Even from network marketing onecoin is creating millionaires regularly.
16/04/2016, 5:50 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: @comfort, I dont understand what u mean by no.
16/04/2016, 5:54 pm – Comfort Abumere: You said if I follow the discussion from onset and I said no
16/04/2016, 5:55 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Ok
16/04/2016, 5:57 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: It will not be nice to bore the forum with what they already heard, so we can go private for you to get further explanation, if u chat me up.
16/04/2016, 5:59 pm – Comfort Abumere: Okay thanks
16/04/2016, 6:00 pm – C.V.Akuta Media.: Or Comfort can scroll up and read the chat
16/04/2016, 6:00 pm – C.V.Akuta Media.: Very interesting though.
16/04/2016, 6:00 pm – Comfort Abumere: Ok
16/04/2016, 6:09 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: IMG-20160416-WA0043.jpg (file attached)
16/04/2016, 6:16 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: The above dashboard shows the bonus earning  of a member. He earns over 9000 euro per week, yet he is not a bigger earner compared to what people are earning as bonus in onecoin.That person introduced me to onecoin. Onecoin has 5 of its members in the list of top 10 earners in the world.The highest of them Juha Parhiala is a member of onecoin.
16/04/2016, 6:17 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: IMG-20160416-WA0044.jpg (file attached)
16/04/2016, 6:18 pm – Chris Madubike: Interesting
16/04/2016, 6:18 pm – Comfort Abumere: Very interesting
16/04/2016, 6:20 pm – Chris Madubike: What are the steps to take assuming I am interested? @ Mr John P
16/04/2016, 6:21 pm – Chris Madubike: Starting with a low budget
16/04/2016, 6:22 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: The above picture shows attendance of onecoin event in London Feb 2016. While some are here doubting like in the days of bitcoin, many in London have taken position in onecoin. Expand that picture and see that the room was fully occupied. No empty seat, we hear that a some stood outside.
16/04/2016, 6:24 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: Scroll up you will see the investment that meet your pocket. Sign up on this link
16/04/2016, 6:27 pm – John Pius Osuagwu: When u sign up u become a member and u will have your dashboard and back office. Go to information centre at your back office and pick one of the banks and transfeř your money to them. Email evidence of payment to

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