Read This Before Empathise or Sympathise With Sin-nator Ekweremadu.

Some years ago, the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital special project team approached the Deputy Senate President (Ike Ekweremmadu) to help them fast track the funding for a project in the Hospital though a government intervention prpject

He asked to submit their proposal and they did, it was 400million for Renal Centre. The N400m was to build the structure, procure equipment and train few doctors abroad for renal transplant and other special renal emergency training

Ike Ekeremmadu later facilitated the release of 50% of the fund and diverted all of it even without the knowledge of UNTH

Ike Ekeremmadu asked them to double the money to N800m and the extra N400m will be for him to facilitate the release of the funds

After waiting for so long, UNTH made contact and was told they should submit the progress report for the project status in order to access the balance 50% alas they had nothing to show for the initial 50% and didn’t even know that oga Deputy Senate President has a taken N400m and moved.

Ike Ekeremmadu pocketed N400m meant for building a Kidney Centre in his state where probably the daughter would have received a transplant without flying abroad and facing the stringent laws guiding organ transplant

On May 5th this year, Ike Ekeremmadu will receive his jail sentence for trying to do a kidney transplant in the UK foe her daughter whose kidney failed… we know the story

This is a true story that is coming out in public, the actors are still alive. I know one of them is in this platform. I heard the story long time ago.


C.V.Akuta Media is unable to independently confirm this story.

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