Return trip: Lagos to London by Bus.

Return trip: Lagos to London by Bus.
Friday: 12/02/16. 
Departed Lagos via ABC Transport, by 9:30am. Arrived Accra (Ghana) by 1:40am. Journey time: 16 hours.
Bus ticket to Ghana: N10 400.
Breakfast: N600.
Evening time meal: N200.
Ghana tel line/simply card: Cedes/C 8.(equivalent to N600, as at the days rate).
Subtotal: N11,800 equivalent to £42.5   
Saturday: 13/2/16.
STC bus departed Accra by 3:15pm. Arrived Kumasi by 20:41 hrs. Departed Kumasi 21:10 hrs, arrived Kintampo 12:00am. Departed Kintampo 12:40am, arrived Tamale 4am. Departed Tamale 4:19am, arrived Bolgatanga 7:00am. Departed Bolgatanga 7:34am, arrived Paga border with Burkina Faso 8:45am. Departed Paga border 9:55am, arrived Ouagadougou 14:20 hrs. Journey time 23 hours.
Taxi from ABC Transport Terminal to STC Bus Park, Cedes/C 20.
Bus fare to Quagadougou, Cedes/C100
Guest house to refresh etc, Cedes/C 35.
Food, Cedes/ C25.
Taxi from guest house, to STC Bus Park, Cedes/C 5.
Lugage, Cedes/C 10.
Food with helper/bus attendant, Cedes/C 11.
Top up, Cedes/C9.
Water, Cedes/C1.50
Tip for bus attendant, Cedes/C2
Subtotal: Cedes/C 218.5 equivalent to £39.7
Note: STC bus is Ghana State owned Bus Company. It has air-condition, and has security/armed escorts. Their telephone +233302221414, +233302221932. (STC Ouagadougou address: Gare-routiere, Patte-doie.
Sunday: 14/2/16.
TCV bus departed Ouagadougou by 22:45hrs. Arrived Bobo Dioulaso 3:40am. Journey time: 5 hrs.
Taxi from STC Bus Station/Park to TCV Bus Station, CFA1,000
Telephone top up, CFA1000.
Taxi to cash point, CFA2000.
Food, CFA7,000.
Ticket to Bamako, CFA17,000.
Subtotal: CFA28,000 equivalent to £34
Note: TCV is Burkina Faso State owned bus. It has air condition. Tel nos,  +22620977575, +22675791300. TCV Nigerian tel: +2348056953337, +2348091603548. TCV buses can be located at Marina Bus Park in Lagos. They go to Mali, cote D Ivoire,Ghana, Togo, etc.
Monday: 15/2/16.
Bus departed Bobodioulasso by 6:35am. Arrived Sikasso (border with Mali) by 9:10am. Departed Sikasso border/frontiers by 10:35am. Arrived Bamako 16:45 hrs. Journey time: 6 hrs. Departed Bamako by 5pm, arrived Keyes(Mali) by 5:30am. Journey time: 12.5 hrs.
Paid CFA2000 to Burkina Faso Gendarmes/Police.
Paid CFA2500 to Malian Gendarmes/Police.
Paid CFA1000 for taxi that took me to Sonef Bus station. 
Paid CFA2000 for telephone top up.
Paid CFA30,000 for onward ticket to Dakar.
Miscellaneous, CFA1000.
Subtotal: CFA38,500 equivalent to £46.3
Tuesday: 16/2/16
Bus departed Kayes (Mali) by 6am. Arrived Malian border with Senegal by 7:30am. Departed the frontiers/border by 11:50am. Arrived Dakar 23:40hrs. Journey time 16 hrs. (Total journey time from Bamako to Dakar 12.5 + 16 = 28.5 hrs).
Paid CFA3000 to Malian border police/gendarmes.
Paid CFA500 for motor bike that took me to catch up with my bus.
Paid CFA3000 to Senegalese border police/gendarmes.
Food and water, CFA2000  
Paid CFA2000, for taxi that took me to hotel.
Paid CFA15,000 for my hotel in Senegal.
Subtotal: CFA25,500 equivalent to £30.7 
Note: I took Sonef Bus from Bamako to Dakar. tel +22320206739
Departed Gare Du Pikin (Dakar Central Motor Park), to St Louis (a city in Senegal) by 12:30pm. Arrived 16:45hrs. Departed St Louis by 17:30hrs. Arrived Rosso (Senegalese border with Mauritania), by 19:07hrs. Journey time 5hrs : 52minutes.
CFA3000 for taxi that dropped me at Gare du pikin (Central Motor Park in Dakar).
CFA7000 for taxi to St Louis.
CFA3400 for taxi to Rosso (Senegalese) border.
CFA2000 to Senegalese police for stamp on my passport.
CFA5000 for the place I passed the night.
Subtotal: CFA20,400 equivalent to £24.5
Thursday: 18/2/16.
Departed Rosso Mauritania (border between Senegal and Mauritania) by 11:20am. Arrived Nouakchott 14:15hrs. Departed Nouakchott 17:00hrs. Arrived Nouadibou (a Mauritanian city near to Moroccan border) by 23:00hrs. Journey time: 9 hrs.
CFA2500 (equivalent to £3) to one Mr. Rasheed for his assistance at the border. 
MRO2000 (equivalent to £4.5) to one Mr. Momodu for his assistance at the border.
MRO3000 (equivalent to £6.8) for telephone top up.
€120 (equivalent to £94.8) for Mauritanian visa.
MRO5000 (equivalent to £11.4) for transport to Nouakchott.
MRO6000 (equivalent to £13.7) for bus ticket/fare to Nouadibou 
MRO9464 (equivalent to £21.7) for the hotel (Hotel AL Jazira, tel +22245745317) that I slept over at Mauritania. 
Subtotal: £155.9
Friday 19/2/16 – Saturday 20/2/16
Taxi from hotel at Nouadibou to the frontiers/border with Morocco, less than 30 minutes drive. Bus departed Gargarate (Moroccan border) by 17:48hrs, arrived Dakhla by 22:34hrs. Departed Dakhla 23:00hrs.  Arrived Laayunne by 7am. Departed Laayunne 7:24am. Arrived Tantan 12:15pm. Departed Tantan 12:40hrs, arrived Tiznit 16:45pm. Departed Tiznit 16:53, arrived Agadir 18:30hrs. Journey time: 24hrs: 42minutes.
€10 (equivalent to £7.9) + MRO3000 (equivalent to £6.8) paid to the driver that took me from hotel to the border.
MRO2700 (equivalent to £6.2) to the Mauritanian border police.
DH565 (equivalent to £41.2) for bus fare from Moroccan border to Agadir by Supra Tours.
Breakfast DH21 (equivalent to £1.5)
Lunch DH13 (equivalent to £.95).
Dinner DH25. (equivalent to £1.8).
Top up DH20 (equivalent to £1.4)
Subtotal. £67.75
Sunday: 21/2/16.
Bus departed Agadir by 12:05am. Arrived Marakesh by 3:30am. Entered train from Marakesh. Train departed Marakesh by 4:46am. Arrived Casablanca by 8am. Departed Casablanca by 9:35am, arrived Tangier Ville by 3pm. Ferry crossing from 17:55hrs to 18:55hrs. Journey time: 13 hrs, 4 minutes.
DH316 (equivalent to £23.06), for both bus and train fares from Agadir to Marakesh and Tangier.
DH28 (equivalent to £2.04) for breakfast. 
DH10 (equivalent to £.73p) for my taxi from Tangier Ville train station to Tangier Ville port for ferry.
DH400 (equivalent to £29.19) for ferry ticket to Algerciras (Spain).
€25 (equivalent to £19.71) for hotel in Algerciras (Hotel Don Manuel, tel +34956634606).
Subtotal: £74.73
Monday: 22/2/16.
Train departed Algerciras by 8:43, arrived Madrid 14:05hrs. Train departed Madrid 15:30hrs, arrived Barcelona Sants 18:40hrs. Bus departed Barcelona by 21:05 hrs, arrived Paris by 13:00 hrs. Journey time: 18 hrs, 27 minutes.
€188.9 for train ticket from Algerciras to Barcelona.
€8:75 for lunch at Madrid train station.
€64 for Euro lines bus ticket to Paris.
€11:65 for dinner.
Subtotal: £215.5
Tuesday: 23/2/16.
Train departed Paris to London by 15:03 hrs. Arrived London by 16:30hrs. Spent 21 (twenty one) minutes crossing the Euro tunnel.
€12:65 for breakfast.
€3:60 for local train ticket.
€240 for Eurostar train ticket to London.
Subtotal: €256.25 equivalent to £202.06
Total: £933.64
Note: Exchange rates were valid as at the dates/days of the transactions. Conversations are to English Pounds. Contact me if you have any enquiries, or if you wish to participate in future trips.

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