Save a Life Project.

Health is wealth. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Our health care system/facilities are virtually not effective. People die in thousands for diseases/illnesses that could be prevented. Put bluntly, life has little or no value in Nigeria. Matters are made worst by the fact that Nigerians lack basic knowledge of first aid that could save lives. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” Hosea Chapter 4 verses 6, Holy Bible, King James Version. Knowledge is power. Based on experiences (experience is the best teacher), the government is not yet ready to fix our health sector. Little wonder, our rulers and their families, always rush to foreign hospitals, example Patience Jonathan, wife of President Goodluck Jonathan currently admitted in a German hospital, late Mariam Babangida wife of ex Head of State died in an America hospital, late Stella Obasanjo, wife of former President died in a Spanish hospital, late President Yar A Adua, was admitted in a Saudi Arabia hospital, etc. Make no mistake, it is to your tents oh Nigerians. Therefore, join the author as he launches Save a Life Project, by asking all Nigerians to acquire simple/basic first aid training. This training is very, very simple, but can save a lot of lives. Life has no duplicate. This basic first aid training can be done thru e-learning, in a short time and very cheap. For, further details, please contact the author thru his email. May God bless Nigeria. C.V.Akuta UK.

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