Random Comments, on C.V.Akuta Radio Show, Leicester, UK. 26/11/14.

Obasanjo bombs Jonathan Again, Says President’s “Evil” Actions Destroying Nigerian Democracy. Obasanjo Said the Federal Government is Lying About the True State of the Economy. Premium Times
Comment:Obasanjo is right, because it takes a thief to catch a thief. He too was there, He tried to manipulate the democratic processes, so He absolutely understands what President Goodluck Jonathan is doing or trying to do. It’s left for Nigerians to resist whatever evil or manipulations that come their way. Did I hear you say Nigerians will accept anything thrown at them.
Wole Soyinka Survives Cancer. Premium Times.
Comment:May Almighty Lord keep you healthy for our generation and future generations. Our nation needs more of you. Kongi.
Reps List 50 Impeachable Offences Against President Jonathan. Vanguard Online News.
Comment:When did He commit these offences and why has it taken the Reps so long to realise these offences, or is it an attempt, to blackmail the President and obtain, money, favours, automatic return tickets etc. Under democratic government, there is a principle of, separation of powers between the three arms of government (judiciary, legislature and executive).  There are also checks and balances between the three arms of government. So sure that, if the Reps (legislature) were doing their checks and balances very well, the President would have sat up since, and perhaps, the nation would have been better off. But it’s never late to effect genuine changes.
Central Bank of Nigeria Devalues the Naira. The Nation Online News.
Comment:More hardships should be expected. More crimes too, since there are high level of unemployment, amongst the youths. Ask our rulers, why haven’t they diversified our economy, to be less dependent on oil. A single drop on global oil prices, are causing Nigeria/Nigerians so much headache. Imagine when the oil finishes or when there are alternatives to oil. First Republic survived without oil. Our failure to plan ahead, means we plan to fail.
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