Random Comments, on C.V.Akuta Radio Show, Leicester, UK. 20/11/14.

“Senate President David Mark, has ordered an immediate closure of the National Assembly. The order was necessitated by heightened tension and chaos at the National Assembly, following the blocking of embattled Speaker Tambuwal from entering the Chamber to preside over the day’s sitting by armed security men”. Huhuonline News.

Comment: Show of shame. Who sent the police and why? Recall that, the same police withdrew Speaker Tambuwal security details for defecting to APC, now the police prevented him and his colleagues from carrying out, their day’s activities, which the tax payers have paid for. Police is acting out a script, written by non other, but the President. Its either the President is in support of the police or he has lost control of the police. Whatever is the case, is not good for the country. Police cannot act outside his powers at this high profile level, without a tacit support from above. Signs of desperation. To say that this happened on our President’s birthday speaks volumes.

Dear Senate President, someone has to take responsibilities for this action. Let whoever is responsible for today’s action resign, otherwise similar things will keep happening.

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