Buhari is More Igbo than GEJ.

Buhari held a closed door meeting with Nnamdi Azikiwe’s son (Chief Chukwuma Azikiwe) on 15/11/14, at the Onitsha residence of the Azikiwes. This was reported by today.ng (online news media). Recall, that Buhari as the PTF Chairman renovated Nnamdi Azikiwe’s compound (see the attached picture below, sourced from a friend’s Facebook page). In comparison, all President Goodluck Jonathan did, was to simply adopt the name of Azikiwe, for political gains. Presently, some spin doctors, intending to further deceive and obtain Igbo votes have nicknamed Namadi Sambo (Vice President of Nigeria) as Nnamdi Sambo. The name Nnamdi is a popular Igbo name. It’s also part of Nnamdi Azikiwe’s name.

Moving on; according to Obasanjo, Buhari’s first daughter is married to an Igbo man from Anambra State. This piece of news was reported by the online version of the Punch, on 24/10/14.

Late Dora Akunyili (Former NAFDAC Boss) worked closely with Buhari during the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) days. Sources alleged that Buhari recommended Dora Akunyili for the NAFDAC top job position.

Buhari contested with Dr Chuba Okadigbo as Vice Presidential candidate in 2003. In 2007, Buhari contested with Edwin Umezoke as Vice Presidential candidate. Buhari also went to court with Ojukwu against the rigged 2003 Presidential election. Drop your comments.

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  1. In addition what in practical terms does the renovation of a dead man's grave bring to the bargaining table in the context of governance? Are you insinuating that the Igbo is so base and simple? Besides, do not lose sight of the fact that Buhari is from the north and that it was politically correct for him to have courted those personalities from the south. I do not see how the 'politricking' translates to his love for the Igbos.

  2. This is infantile – Are Ndigbo now supposed to troop into Buhari's camp because of this information. If you know Igbo history, you would know that NNamdi Azikiwe is the sole individual that put us under the Hausa/Fulani as slaves. Should we recount his back stabbing during the war. Some of us refuse to be part of Nigeria's politics and fighting for Biafra.

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