Season of Stomach Infrastructures.

One thing is certain, we have entered the season of “stomach infrastructures” because the 2015 general election is around the corner. Political activities have taken the centre stage, till major elections are over in 2015. For those who do not understand the meaning of stomach infrastructures, it means, when “politrikcians” in Nigeria, give out branded rice, kerosene, cooking oil, soap, money etc to voters, in return for their votes. The motives behind these gifts are to deceive the gullible and vulnerable Nigerian voters.

Questions to ask yourself and the politrikcians, if they spend huge amount of money distributing stomach infrastructures, what will s/he do when they get into power? Answer; they will forget the electorate, because they have settled them, with crumbs.

Advise: Resist the temptation of accepting stomach infrastructures, but if you cannot, resist the temptation, accept the “gifts/money etc” but still vote the rightful candidates. Also remember, do not kill or destroy properties on behalf of a politician. It’s not worth it. In politics there are no permanent friends or enemies but permanent interests.

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  1. The 'politrickcians' have been really good at their game. Otherwise how does a miserable bag of abakiliki rice compare to the dignity of a learned exercise of ones rights and privileges to foist accountable leadership. The Nigerian voter is pauperized, relegated and brainwashed and thinks of it as wise to 'catch' the slippery eel (politician) at the polls and receive the pittance now so derisively called 'stomach infrastructure'. SHAME!!!

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