Random Comments, on C.V.Akuta Radio Show, Leicester, UK. 27/11/14.

The Federal Executive Council approved the purchase of N9.2billion worth of clean cook stoves and wonder bags for rural women, under the National Clean Cooking Scheme. The Punch Newspaper (Online Version).
Comment:Wondering if they are trying to go green and save the environment or what sort of policy arrangement is this? N9.2 billion naira to buy stoves? What will these stoves use, kerosene or electricity or coal? What is the economic value of this project? Why not use this money to cushion the effects of austerity measures? By the way, what are these wonder bags, they referred to? Who are the rural women? How many are they? What’s the unit cost per stove? Did they ask people, if they need stoves?  This looks more like a joke, than a policy instrument. Just when you think you have seen it all, the government will through another absurdity to you.
Corruption massive under President Jonathan, the United States Government warns. The Punch Newspaper (Online Version).
Comment: Thanks again to United States Government for reminding us the obvious. The President did say sometime, that if there is corruption America will know. America knew it and they are speaking it out. Only if America will do the Nigerian public a favour by seizing these illegal funds, but again, if they return the loot, it would still find its way back to America. Serious problem.
House of Reps Committee Members walk out on Inspector General of Police, because He refused to properly address Speaker Tambuwal. Sahara Reporters.
Comments:IG of Police claimed He couldn’t address Tambuwal as Speaker, because the matter was still in court. Someone should tell IG of Police, that House of Reps has not changed their leadership yet, and so far, the court has not said Tambuwal is no longer the Speaker, therefore, He is still the Speaker. House Committee exercised their right to protest, by walking out on him. Also they said, they will no longer recognize Suleiman Abba as the IG of Police, if He failed to address Tambuwal as Speaker. Tit for tat, an eye for an eye.
Buhari’s Jet barred from landing in Makurdi. Sahara Reporters.
Comment:Whoever gave the order, should be investigated. Aviation Minister/FAAN, should explain to Nigerians what their reasons are, for refusing an aircraft that was on air from landing. Previously the plane carrying Rivers State Governor Amaechi, was barred from taking off. Edo State Gov Adam Oshomole, has had similar experience too. Interestingly, all are in APC.
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