Press Review By C.V.Akuta.(15/07/15)

Desmond Tutu Hospitalised With ‘Persistent’ Infection. Nigerian Camera.
C.V.Akuta: Please, get well soon. South Africa and indeed the entire African continent/world need you more. Your types are the conscience of the nations.
60,000 Births Expected in Nigeria’s IDP, (Internally Displaced Persons) Camps In 2015, UN. Premium Times.
C.V.Akuta: Go ye into the world and multiply. Hope there will be resources to train them, otherwise UN better teach/introduce birth control techniques.
Kenya To Stage Mass Nude Protest Against Obama Aggressive Pro-Homosexuality Stance. Newsrescue.
C.V.Akuta: But Kenyan government has legalised polygamy. Why the protest? Obama can’t do anything about it. He might have been under pressure from a section of American society. Save your energy.
‘I Stand Firmly Loyal’ To Buhari’s Cause, Tinubu. Newsdiary Online.
C.V.Akuta: Very good. United we (APC) stand, divided we (APC) fall. Buhari needs the support of all to succeed. Glad you have cleared the air, despite some negative speculations.

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