Press Review By C.V.Akuta. (13/7/15).

Ebonyi Governor Meet Obasanjo, Pledges Support For Buhari. Premium Times.
C.V.Akuta: Right thing to do. Nation building is a task for all, not the President’s job alone. Hoping that more Governors, will pledged support to President Buhari.
Ogun Governor Congratulates Soyinka At 81. Premium Times.
C.V.Akuta: Kongi, the giant/colossus of the literary world, happy birthday. The nation needs more of your types.
Shocker, Beautiful People Enjoy Good Health Unlike The Ugly Ones, Researchers. Nigerian Camera.
C.V.Akuta: Well that means ugly people are in trouble. There would be pressure to look good and beautiful at all cost. Could this be the reason, why most women look good or something else? I must admit, some of these researches end up confusing people.
Elumelu Foundation Organises Bootcamp For 1,000 Emerging African Entrepreneurs. Thisday.
C.V.Akuta: Very good initiative. I would have wished he narrowed it down to Nigeria for some time, before taking it to the continent level. Imagine empowering 1,000 entrepreneurs from Nigeria alone, this would have positive  multiplier effects on the economy. Having said that, it’s still ok at the continent level.
Nigeria Spent N813 Billion on Sugar, Wheat, Others In 2013. Thisday.
C.V.Akuta: No country will survive on importing items it can produce. This will kill local industries, which would further drive unemployment etc. The dangers are unimaginable. Certain items, which Nigeria has comparative advantage off, should be banned completely.

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