Press Review By C.V.Akuta (10/7/15)

Press Review By C.V.Akuta.
“You mean I’m Now A Prisoner?” Lamido Exclaims After Court Sends Him To Prison. 247 Nigerian News.
C.V.Akuta: Yes you are now a prisoner. If you do the crime, you do the time in prison. Hope the judge will ask you to refund all the stolen money, in addition to spending time in prison with hard labour.
Buhari Rejects N400 Million Armoured Cars. Abusidiqu Online News.
C.V.Akuta: Highly commendable. All money/resources saved should be used for peoples’ oriented projects, example equipping hospitals/schools etc.
Bayelsa Governor Hires World’s Most Ruthless Hackers for N100 Million To Hack Computers, Phones in Nigeria. Premium Times.
C.V.Akuta: It’s only the nation’s security services that have powers to do so, under certain conditions too. This is a breach of citizens’ right to privacy.
Federal Government Will Protect Local Manufacturers From Unfair Foreign Competition, President Buhari Assures. TheWill Nigeria.
C.V.Akuta: That’s non negotiable if you want to build your economy and create jobs at home.
Wike, PDP, Reject Tribunal’s Ruling on Inspection of Materials. Thisday.
C.V.Akuta: Except there is a skeleton in your cupboard, otherwise there is nothing wrong/illegal to inspect used electoral materials.

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