Press Review By C.V.Akuta. (23/07/15).

Buhari Will Probe Jonathan’s Government Only; Not Obasanjo’s, Others,- Presidency. Premium Times.
C.V.Akuta: This will be seen as selective justice. To achieve a balance, extend your probe to Obasanjo’s era. Otherwise you run the risk of losing credibility or termed witch hunting. Another danger, is that, Nigerians will ask you why, perhaps they might begin to have sympathy for them.
Alleged Corruption: I’ M Ready To Cooperate With EFCC, Saraki’s Wife. Premium Times.
C.V.Akuta: Madam, you have no choice, no immunity, therefore you must cooperate. The era of impunity is over. No one is above the law.
Ndigbo Group Writes Buhari, Seeks Probe of Anyim’s Alleged Fraudulent Deals. Newsdiary.
C.V.Akuta: President Buhari has already indicated interest to probe the government of Jonathan, so wait or copy your letter/petition to EFCC, because they (EFCC) suddenly became active.
Promotion Underway For 36,000 Junior Police Officers, 6,000 New Houses For Others As Arase Unveils New Deal For Police Force. ThewillNigeria.
C.V.Akuta: This is one security agency that needs total overhauling. Hope their pay will also be increased. 6,000 new houses is ok, but it’s like a scratch on the surface, when it comes to police housing. Most police barracks are in total mess.  
Scores Feared Dead In Arepo Pipeline Fire. The Nation Online.
C.V.Akuta: When will our people understand that scooping petrol/petroleum products from the pipelines is like a time bomb. There have been several cases in the past. Some people don’t learn from the past or they forget easily. People perish for lack of knowledge according to the Bible in Hosea 4 vs 6  

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