Nigerian Judiciary is A Big Joke.

Please, take a look at these laughable convictions from the Nigerian Judiciary. A former director of the Police Pension Board, John Yakubu Yusuf, was sentenced to two years in prison by an Abuja High Court for the embezzlement of N23.3bn pension fund or option of fine of N750,000. Olabode George committed a fraud of over N85 billion naira and was only given 2:5 years imprisonment. (We all know what happened when he was released. In case you didn’t know what happened, his release was televised live on a national Television network thru to where he had a party. At his party, Ex President Obasanjo attended. After two days he (Olabode George) appeared on the same VIP stand with our current President (GEJ), during his campaign tour of Lagos State). Mrs. Cecilia Ibru (former MD/CEO of Ocenic Bank was jailed 6 months for stealing N54 billion naira. Former Inspector General of Police, Tafa Balogun was convicted of N20 billion naira fraud, and was sentenced to only 6 months in prison. Both Tafa Balogun and Cecilia Ibru had their sentences spent in their homes or chosen hospitals. Another Ex Inspector General of Police, Sunday Ehindero was caught trying to smuggle out N200 million naira, out of Abuja. Sunday Ehindero was not even sent to court, so the case died like that. So many Ex Governors between (1999-2011), have been granted bails on their alleged corrupt cases, some have court injunction (Peter Odili) stopping their trial on corruption cases. James Ibori (Former Governor of Delta State) was discharged and acquitted in Nigeria, but was sent to jail in UK, for the same offences, he was acquitted from in Nigeria. The list is endless. What is worrisome is that poor Nigerians are left to rot in Nigerian prisons, for little or no offences, compared to what the “big and mighty” Nigerians are doing. Corruption is all over the world, the difference is how various countries approach it. In China, the penalty is capital punishment. Another example is America, where for instance, Bernard Madoff, who committed a fraud of $65 Billion Dollars (£38bn Pounds Sterling) was sentenced to 150 years in jail. Nigerian judiciary, is no longer the last hope of a common man, but rather, the destroyer of the Nigerian hope. “The greatest incitement to crime is the hope of escaping punishment” Marcus Cicero. The Nigerian Judiciary is aiding and abetting crimes, by handing little or no sentences/jail terms. Make no mistake, the destruction of Nigeria (by whatever means) will affect all and sundry. Take a look at the insecurity situation (which is a failure of the government and partly the people), no one is safe/saved any more. Emirs, chiefs, ministers, commissioners, judges, lawyers, ex this, ex that, etc can be attacked or kidnapped. High crime rates are partly the fault of our judiciary also. Therefore, this should serve a wakeup call, because a lot of damages have already been done. C.V.Akuta UK

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