New Year Message; Solutions and Synergy.

Happy New Year (2013) to you all. As usual, may the New Year (2013), bring us progress and prosperity. But the author has always wondered, how this old time saying(s) alone, can bring us prosperity without action. It looks more like a yearly rhetorical ritual. My New Year message will in addition to the above, also include thus; please, start now to apply solutions to the challenges facing our society. The author believes, we know our problems from the individual, village/community, local government, state to the national level. Therefore, next rightful steps, would be to start applying/contributing our quota towards the solutions. Please, do not expect any prosperity and progress in 2013, if no positive actions are taken. Next is synergy. Kindly, consider to synergize wherever possible. Two heads are better than one and three heads better than two. There are more to be accomplished as a team. As we do the above and more, progress and prosperity will be assured in 2013. I thank you all. Happy New Year. C.V.Akuta UK. 1st January, 2013.

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