Kaduna State Govt., Azazi et al, Vs Nigerian Navy.

First, my condolence goes to the families of; Lt Adeyemi Sowole, Commander Murtala Mohammed Daba, Dauda Tsoho, Warrant Officer Mohammed Kamal, Gen. Andrew Owoye Azazi and Mr. Patrick Yakowa (Ex Governor of Kaduna State) that died in the helicopter crash of 15th December 2012. May their souls, and other faithfully departed, rest in peace. This crash is one, too many. It has left more questions than answers and more conspiracy theories/theorists. The author is more particular about litigations that will follow this crash. Except Kaduna State Government, and families of those that perished in the helicopter crash do not wish to seek redress at the law court. The norm is usually a court case, compensation or settlement after every air crash. How will this case play out in court? How much compensation will the Nigerian Navy pay Kaduna State government etc, and that is, if ever they will pay? From whose purse will the money come from? Upon hearing the shocking news of the helicopter crash, I asked myself (the same questions, Nigerians are asking themselves) what was a Nigerian Navy helicopter doing in a private event? Who authorized its uses on that day? What are the job roles/specifications of the air wing of the Nigerian Navy? This brings me to the question of litigations that might likely follow this crash (as a matter of fact, a court case(s), concerning this helicopter crash will be in the national interest). What will be the defence argument for the Nigerian Navy? The author thinks that the Nigerian Navy owe Nigerians a lot of explanations. Whatever explanations provided by the navy, would determine further questions that would be asked by Nigerians. But the author is also worried, that Nigerians forgets easily, and never learn from their pasts. This issue can easily be swept under the carpet. I pray to be proven wrong. As expected, the government has set up a probe panel, the National Assembly and Naval authorities have also set up their investigative panels. But in Nigeria, we never get to know the causes of air crashes. Despite past, numerous “federal government” constituted air crash(es) investigating panels, their results have never been made public or at best doctored. Are there any assurances that, the causes of this helicopter crash will be made public? My answer is NO. Perhaps a court case(s) by victims’ families might compel authorities to disclose publicly, whatever caused the crash. Till then, let’s wait and see. It’s a waiting game. C.V.Akuta UK.

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