APGA, APC and Matters Arising.

Given the choice between endorsing GEJ/PDP again and merging with the All Progressive Congress, the author suggests that All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) should merge with the APC. The reason is very simple; you cannot do the same thing, over and over again, and expect different results. Since 1999, Peoples Democratic Party has been in power at the centre and more of South Eastern States, but there is nothing to show for it, examples are as follows, (a) Obasanjo promised the Igbos, second Niger Bridge but failed to deliver. Rather he helped to cause havoc in Anambra State using Chris Uba. Remember the attempted kidnap of a sitting Governor (Chris Ngige of Anambra State) happened during Obasanjo regime. Till date, no one was prosecuted. (b) No federal presence in Igbo land, (c) No good roads (d) High level insecurity (e) President Goodluck Jonathan also promised building second Niger Bridge, but has failed to initiate the project. The list is endless. After all these failed promises, then tell me if APGA should still trust PDP to deliver? Remember, APGA endorsed President Goodluck Jonathan during the 2011 Presidential election and nothing has been done in the South East, except the individual efforts of the Igbos. Personally, I will never trust someone who has failed me several times. First fool no be fool, but second fool, na proper foolish. APGA leadership claimed that they were never consulted nor invited to the negotiating table, before the merger took place. However, there has been a counter claim that APGA leadership was involved with the negotiations (after all, Imo State Governor and others were there). Whatever is the true situation, the author thinks/suggests that APGA/Igbo interest will be better served under the new party. This should also serve as an opportunity for the leaders of the new party (All Progressive Congress) to restart negotiation with APGA leadership/other Igbo leaders. Politics is more about negotiations, alliances, consultations, etc. In doing this, the new party (All Progressive Congress) should find a way of reaching out to the Igbo masses and indeed Nigerians masses to connect with them, this is very important. This is because; most times “our” so called “leaders” are only concerned about themselves/families. My prayer and that of other Nigerians is for All Progressive Congress to provide a credible alternative to PDP and fashion a way to move the nation forward. Strong opposition parties/groups are very essential for the survival of every democracy. Nigeria cannot be an exception. Great Zik of Africa once said, show the light and the people will find the way. Hoping that, APC will provide the light/directions for Nigerians to find their way. Chinedu Vincent Akuta UK. www.briefsfromakuta.blogspot.com

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