New Biafran Agitation, What if?

Watching the pro Biafran agitation on 6th November, 2015. Series of thoughts were going on, in my mind. What if, these agitators, are using their energies and resources to push for the reformation of Nigeria on the lines of true federal system or confederal system. That way, the entire nation, in search of this particular reform would key in and thus help push for this change. Make no mistake, other zones wants true federal system. Above all, APC promised true federalism.
What if, new Biafran agitators, are using all their resources, energies and mobilizations, to engage the South East governments, including all local government Chairmen, State, Federal Lawmakers and Governors. Sustain this agitation, then you will see instant changes.
What if, these agitators use all their resources etc to fight insecurity and decide to end insecurity once and for all at South East? What if, these agitators, decides to elect their own candidates to manage the governments of South East or don’t you know it’s possible. What if, these agitators float their own political party, elect people, and mandate them to speak on their behalf for reformation of Nigeria. 
What if these agitators mobilize and build the best hospitals, schools, universities, etc in South East. So far, so much millions of naira/dollars/euros/pounds have been contributed to leaders of these new Biafran groups (MASSOB, IPOB, BZM). What if, they use their medium to preach love and unity of Igbos? What if those pro Biafran agitators overseas, begin to source and drive investments to South East or begins to import South East products (Abakaliki rice, Aba shoes, etc) to the foreign countries where they reside. What if these pro Biafran agitators engage in different types of community services in South East? What if they begin to promote tourism in South East?
What if, these pro Biafran agitators realize that South East is far better than most tribes in terms of developments etc, this is despite the marginalization. What if, these agitators realise that South East, can further be transformed into Japan of Africa, with little or no federal government inputs. What if, what ifs, and what ifs. However, it’s not late to change course. Sadly two pro Biafran agitators were killed today at Onitsha. The author warned about possible loss of lives during this protest.

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