Fire Prevention In Nigeria (Public And Private Places).

In view of the fire that consumed Ebeano Supermarket, Lekki, Lagos State and numerous past incidents. The following measures are urgently recommended.

1.Fire assessments: Landlords, tenants, builders etc must henceforth carry out a fire risk assessment on a regular basis, on premises. The idea is to identify how to prevent fire, and how to keep people safe, should fire breakout. You can look at fire hazards, people and properties at risks of fire destruction.

2. Fire Emergency Procedures/Plans: What to do if fire starts, for example having exit/escape routes. Keeping exit routes clear all the times. How to evacuate the building in the event of fire.

3. Fire Alarms: You must have fire alarms at all buildings. These are cheap devices that warns you, about fire.

4. Fire Knowledge: Know the three (3) components of fire, that is oxygen, heat and fuel.

5. Fire Fighting Equipments: Keep fire extinguishers (there are different types). Keep fire blankets etc.

6. Fire Drills: Conduct safety trainings regularly. Provide updated information about fire prevention techniques etc.

7. Check your lighting, electrical, appliances. Don’t over load your electrical suckets.

8. Public places should have fire assembly points (where people can gather,in the event of fire).


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