National Conference Advisory Committee; My Memo. The author will limit his memo to three cardinal points, which the national conference advisory committee should take into serious considerations. These points are as follows: 1.Selection Processes/Conference Membership: To reflect true aspirations and desires of Nigerians, selection processes should be transparent. There should not be any government nominations to this conference. This is to avoid bias. All six geo political zones should have equal representations (the author suggests eighteen members each), and this to include all socio-cultural organizations. Professional bodies, NGO’s, CSO’s, religious bodies etc to have representations. All members to be chosen by their people, or their professional bodies, thru a less expensive process. The author suggests the Option A4 System, whereby Nigerians will queue behind the pictures of whom they want to represent them at the conference. Just lately (about March 2013), the Federal Polytechnic Okoh, Anambra State, used this method to elect their students union leaders. Conference members should not receive any pay or any sort of remunerations other than accommodation and feeding. This is purely a national duty. Call to serve the motherland. 2.Agenda: National Conference should ask Nigerians to submit to them, memorandum/topics for their discussions. Nothing like no go areas or grey areas. All topics to be discussed. Deliberations at the conference to be aired live to Nigerians. Decisions to be taken by simply majority of the members. 3. Referendum: Decisions of the conference should be presented to Nigerians thru a referendum. Nigerians should have the final say, either to accept or reject the decisions reached at the conference. A simple referendum should be used to achieve this. A 50% yes on any topic by Nigerians, to be accepted and implemented by the government. It is the author’s view, that if adopted, these 3 points above will help produce a credible result from the conference. Anything in the contrary will be counterproductive. Let’s be bold, face the facts and tell each other the truth for once. Perhaps the “pax Nigeriana” we all are looking for, might start here. But, something in me tells me loud and clear, that this proposed national conference is a diversionary tactics. Please, Mr. President should prove me wrong. C.V.Akuta UK 5/10/13.

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