Boko Haram Killings; Probe Security Votes.

First, the author would wish to commiserate with the families of innocent Nigerians killed by Boko Haram. May their souls and other faithfully departed, rest in peace. It’s indeed very sad and a very great challenge to our country. Insecurity has been on an astonishing increase in the country despite billions voted for security in the national budgets. Take a look at these statistics, N348bn in 2011 budget, N921.91bn in 2012 budget, and N950bn in 2013 budget. There seems to be little or no results. Therefore the ideal thing to do is to question these budgetary allocations? Does this money allocated in the budgets end up in private pockets like typical Nigerian projects? Please join the author as we call for national probe of these allocations and what they were actually used for. The death rates are so high. Does it mean that these amounts are too little to equip our security services or what? the nation need answers. C.V.Akuta UK 28/02/14.

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