Owelle Rochas; Where is the Diaspora Village. One of the best policy initiatives, the author had seen and analysed since Owelle Rochas Okorocha came to power, in Imo State, was the proposed Imo State Diaspora Village. This is a project that would allow Imo State indigenes in Diaspora to buy house(s) at home, thru a ten or more year’s mortgage system, whereby you pay little amounts, monthly till one finish paying, say 10 or more years. This was supposed to be, a state government and private sector partnership project. Every person, that has lived or still living abroad will testify and agree with the author, that mortgage system is how over 95% of home owners purchased their houses. As an economist (because yours truly is one), I have analysed the overall benefits, this will bring to Imo State’s economy. More so, as Owelle Rochas himself, promised that all the building materials will be sourced locally. This project will bring in massive inflow of cash and also create employment opportunities among Imo indigenes. Remember that the money remitted from Nigerians overseas, accounts for the second largest source(s) of foreign exchange. Imo indigenes (home and abroad) should set aside, their differences, and rally behind Owelle Rochas, to make sure, this project takes off or its kick started. The multiplier effects of this project will transform the state economy. Moving Forward… It appears that the Americans are copying Owelle Rochas in demolishing kidnappers’ dungeons. Imo State government under Owelle Rochas has a policy of demolishing any house(s), where kidnappers are arrested from. This has generated a lot of controversies. But on Wednesday 7/8/13, state of Ohio in USA, demolished a house where, a kidnaper (Ariel Castro), kept his three female victims (Gina Dejesus, Amanda Berry, and Michelle Knight), for a decade. Is this a justification for Owelle Rochas Okorocha or not? Kindly drop your responses. C.V.Akuta UK 9/8/13.

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