Enough of Shedding Igbo Blood(s).

Please find below lists of Madalla bomb blast victims of 25th December 2011 at Niger State. Madalla bomb blast victims at the national hospital: Anthony Okoronkwo, Comrade Dike A. Williams, Emmanuel Dike, Richard Dike, Lilian Dike, Lynda Chioma Ubiukwu, Uche Queen Obiukwu, Chidinma Cynthia Obiukwu, Linderlin Ifeoma Obiukwu, Ann-Chinedu Aigbadon, Chiemeri Nwachukwu, Cecilia Ebeku, Oluebube Faustina Pius, Chidera Sylvia Pius, Florence Nwachukwu, Eucharia Ewoh, Joseph Daniel, Inspector Titus Eze, Obasi Jonathan Onyebuchi, Ehiawaguan Peter, Uche Esiri, Sgt. Kadiri Danjuma, Paulina Koju, Chukwudi Umeh, Christiana Kadiri, Esther Agbo, David Agbo, Helen Okolo, Mercy Agbo,John Agbo, Obiukwu Uche Stella, Ebuka Abuyi, Celestine Aniowo, Michael Sunday, Lucy Unji, Chiamaka Obiukwu, Favour Dike, Chimaobi Dike, Favour Egbo, Maria Obodugo, Kosisochukwu Egbo, Nzubechukwu Pius, Obodo Linus, Austin Ogbuagu, Chuks Ajuwe,Esther Ibu, Blessing Philip,Isaac Ibu,Kenedilins Aloysus.

Madalla bomb blast victims at specialist hospital, Gwagwalada
Innocent Okoronkwo (Intensive Unit), Chima Ohazurume, Justina Uche, Chinyere Amaechi, Ifeanyi Emenaha, Fidelia Onugwu, Chinyere Anthony, Sadiq Idris, Onyinye Peace Eneh, Clara Umozor,Pauline Okoronkwo,Uche Bonaventure, Uche Michael, Lawal Abubakar, Victor James.

Victims at General Hospital, Suleja
Owen Sylvester,Dalamin Isah (Passer-by),Ali Sani (Passer-by)

Victim at Major Hospital Kwamba
Edeh Christiana
Victims at Delight Hospital Suleja
Roseline Okeke, Chisom Eucharia Okoye
Victims at Suzan Hospital, Suleja
Chukwuebuka Obiakor, Jennifer Obiakor, Chidera Obiakor, Batrice Otogo
Victims at Daughters of Charity, Kubwa
Oliver Ogbonna, Remy Ofoha, Francis Rapheal
Victims at diamond Crest hospital, Zuba
Gabriel Christiana, Michael Nwanze, Achunike Okolo, Favour Ugochukwu, Nzube Pius. Source:http://www.sunnewsonline.com/webpages/features/newsonthehour/2011/dec/30/newsbreak-30-12-2011-001.html

From the names above, it’s clear that over 80% of the victims are Igbos. Earlier this year (2011) Vanguard newspapers of 12th January 2011 (online version) reported that the Igbo community lost 40 members from the Jos crisis of that month (the author has lost count of different Jos crises). From my own personal experiences: One of my uncle’s house was completely burnt down in one of the disturbances in Kano in 2004. My own immediate younger sister escaped death in one of the disturbances in Jos, Plateau State. The list(s) is endless. The trends are consistent. From the 1945, 1953, and 1966 pogrom where over 50,000 Igbos were killed thru the civil war (over 1 million Igbos died) till date, the Igbos have always been the targets. This is for no just cause. Lost properties, assets, etc cannot be quantified in monetary terms. The Igbos have also been punished is several ways (abandoned properties issue, giving of £20 to every Igbo person after the war, despite any amount he/she had before the war). Meanwhile, the Igbos have made the most sacrifices than any other tribe for the unity of the country.

As in the 1945, 1953, and 1966 pogrom against the Igbos where the federal government appeared helpless to defend and protect Ndiigbo, the subsequent governments have also followed similar trends, particularly in the Northern States where Igbo’s have consistently been killed since the end of the war till date. Simply put, the Igbos are endangered species. As you read thru this piece, please purse and observe a minute silence, for the souls of the innocent Igbo people and other Nigerians killed for nothing sake.

Enough is enough. No more shedding of Igbo bloods. Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu once said that, if the price of nationhood is constant shedding of bloods, then let us not be a nation. Well, since the government cannot protect its citizens and Ndiigbo in particular, then Igbos have no choice but to protect themselves with all means necessary. Igbos should remember that self-preservation is the strongest human instinct. This is the time for the Igbos to sink all their differences and unite for the purposes of securing the safety of their lives and properties all over Nigeria. The Igbos must rise up together to face this challenges or continue to be killed every time. What affects one Igbo person directly, affects all Igbos indirectly. I therefore call on all Igbos, (All Ezes, Ohanaeze, all Igbo communities home and abroad, all Igbo unions home and abroad, etc) to immediately seek the ways out of these constant killings.

Perhaps, Igbos should start relocating their businesses and families out of the Northern region, reject youth service postings in the Northern region etc. This is because, they are simply the first targets to be killed at the slightest disturbances that does not concern them. Life first before anything else. However, the government must pay compensation to all those innocent families that lost their loved ones. The fault is not theirs. America and United Kingdom paid compensation to the various families of 9/11 (September 11, 2001) and 7/7 (7th July 2005) terrorist attacks in New York and London. May the souls of those innocent people that were killed, rest in peace. May God also bless Nigeria.

Chinedu Vincent Akuta

An Activist and Citizens Journalist.

Facebook: C.v.Akuta


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