Total State of Emergency is Needed Urgently.

President GEJ has declared state of emergency in some parts of the country (Borno, Yobe, Niger, and Plateau State). However late, it’s a step in the direct direction. Total state of emergency is needed urgently. Mr. President should immediately initiate bill to make aiding and abetting terrorism a capital offence with capital punishment. Law makers should reconvene immediately due to the deplorable situation in the country. Furthermore, Mr President should extend the state of emergency to the following sectors:

1. Nigerian refineries. This is with the view to start refining crude in Nigeria immediately

2. War against corruption

3. Incessant kidnapping in the South Eastern part of the country/insecurity.

4. General insecurity

5. Infrastructures (roads, hospitals, schools, bridges, electricity etc).

6. Unemployment.

7. High cost of running his government, that is recurrent expenditures.

The list is exhaustive, but starting with the above items will be a welcome development. May God bless Nigeria.

Chinedu Vincent Akuta

An Activist and Citizens Journalist.

Facebook: C.v.Akuta

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