Just Before My Congratulations.

This is not a treatise on who deserves worth. Awards are subjective. They are given according to the biases of who is judging. So, it is trite arguing the appropriateness of the opinion of another adult or group of adults. This is why I do not expect anyone to argue my opinion here. It is my right to decide which part of the Elephant I wish to describe.

The Nigerian politics is such that former State Chief Executives (Governors) are usually at the mercy of their Successors. This explains the frantic effort we see from outgoing Governors in choosing who replaces them. A couple of scenarios come to mind. Yet, we have never seen any Nigerian Governor who stays aloof, allowing his party and people to choose who succeeds him. Why?

Mr Peter Obi was caught in this common frenzy of choosing his Successor. Asides reasons of continuity, which rarely ever happens as planned, former Governors have a perfect understanding of the need to have one who is willing to clear or cover their messes no matter how little. For, of course, there must be more than enough mess to handle.

Peter had his messes. Many of which Governor Obiano has elected to clear, cover and never mention. Besides being his Successor, there are many areas of personal relations shared by Peter and Willie. From being CKC Old boys, to working closely in the banking sector. And chief of all is the communion of Faith – they are Catholics. These are the little things that matter so much that the supporters of Oga Peter have refused to understand.

Peter Obi is fortunate to come at a time Ndi Anambra craved for a significant other. The people perfectly carved him into the Hero he is becoming today. Not that he is perfect or had a flawless administration.

Like the Igbo would say, “when a deity begins to transcend its natural bounds, its worshippers will not hesitate in reminding it of the quality of wood from which it was carved” (arusi kpa wa ajo ike, a gwa ya osisi e jiri kpuo ya).

From me to Mr Peter Obi it is a Congratulations he must accept with great humility and gratitude to a people who made him stand out. Lest he falls.

*- Mazi Ejimofor*


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