I was in a discussion till late, last night with one of my well pleased mentors and I learnt some things I think are necessary to share here as I type my juvenile thoughts.

Like him or hate him, Awolowo was a deep and disciplined scholar. I have always known this but not much.
I learnt yesterday that Awolowo stopped sleeping with his wife at age 40. He would only eat when he is hungry and would stop when satisfied. There was no room for extra. All these, he did so he could study and give himself to critical thinking.

Did he practise prebendal politics and steal? Maybe.
But there is a difference between being a thief and being a useless thief. Not justifying crime of any form.
Let me paint this descriptive.
America steals from all over the World to give to her citizens some token in form of social security. A thief.
Nigerian politicians steal from poor Nigerians to take to America. They like the sound of mentioning their money in dollars than Naira. That’s a useless thief!
The former description was Awo.

However, many of today’s irredentists who are chanting, “I am an Awoist” think it is by wearing his type of cap and glasses knowledge is transferred. What you don’t have, you don’t have.
Despite using his type of glasses, they can’t see far. His type of cap only covers their empty heads.

There is one in Ogun state who sniffs more than a mouse, claiming to be an Awoist. Education suffered in his hands more than anyone else. He brought arms into cultism in Ogun state and monetized the politics like never before.
Interestingly, they have a father in Tinubu.

As deep as Awolowo was, I don’t think I have come across a picture of Awolowo posing with books like the confused Lagos landlord is doing in this picture.

You know this popular saying they have always pushed down our throats as young people- “Readers are Leaders”. Yes! That’s the reason for this branding. The Adebola Williams’s have started the branding contract like they did for Buhari.

Have you forgotten so soon how we were told that Buhari had an Igbo driver. A pupil saved her meal money meal to donate towards the purchase of his nomination form. Just to brand him as a detribalized Nigerian, we were told the same Buhari gave his daughter’s hands in marriage to an Igbo man. His cook, a Christian. Fiction! Baba nla fiction. All of these characters disappeared after 2015 elections.

Here we are in 2020 with someone who has many false records of existence (from birth to academics) forming scholar.
“Se b’emi ni mo lowo mi” too is now reading Steve Jobs. “Toronto” is now issuing statements with highfalutin verbiages. All for 2023!
Ha! We af suffered o.

Unfortunately, no amount of perfume oil can suppress the stench of an he-goat. Not even a plastic surgery would save Tinubu.

If there be any sin Nigerians have committed to have these misfits ruling, the ever-merciful God should have forgiven. It’s taking too long.
To be frank with God, we don’t deserve the kind of punishment. We can’t be the most sinful, I know.

– Adeyeye Olorunfemi


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