It is with great pain and a deep sense of empathy for my fellow Imolites that I write this piece given the “Judicial Coup or Robbery” in Imo State in favour of Sen. Hope Uzodinma and the APC Government. I celebrated with Gusto and was bursting with great enthusiasm believing Imo is finally liberated alas it was just a momentum- one I hoped or wished lasted for 8 years. Before Supreme Court struck a death blow to democracy with injustice, Imo State under His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha brightened with hope and possibilities but with the emergence of the Man Hope, all hope is lost as long as rebuilding or transforming Imo State is concerned.

Why??? The vandals, Emperors and rogues are back with the blessings and patronage of those Mallams who want us decimated or exterminated. Imo State can’t never survive another 8 years of impunity, oppression, mediocrity, wantonness, fraud and other forms of “iberiberism”. Hope Uzodinma is not a Governorship material in every ramification and definitely the last thing IMO State need at this Critical time. He can’t talk to the talk nor walk the walk unlike Emeka Ihedioha who had a firm grip of the wheel of change focused on rebuilding Imo State. We are back to Egypt just when we thought we had crossed the Red Sea towards the promised land. Imo is lost to power that be except something revolutionary is done to upturn the evil judgement of Supreme cum APC Court. Except we take responsibility for our collective destiny regardless of our zones or party, we will all suffer untold hardship in Imo State which will be worse than Rochas’ tenure. Forget about politicians, they will always jump ship leaving you (the people) to drown. I know it is impossible for all of us to rise with one voice against injustice but if you care about the future of your children; your younger ones and yours, then it is imperative and wise to act.

Posterity will be grateful that we acted; that we acted to defend our votes; we acted when “they” ganged up to truncate our wish and will. This is not a fight of political party or zonal supremacy; this is a fight between good and evil. So which side do you belong? Only posterity will judge..Our future and destiny is now, we either take it or continue to wallow in hopelessness which the APC Government pretends. Our Traditional Rulers, Community leaders, pressure groups and relevant groups, this is the time for you to prove your mettle. Leaders are known in the time of great challenge or difficulty but unfortunately most of our Leaders here are fair weather fellows and this is what Myles Munroe describe as the Lack of Character in Leadership. So you see the premise of my argument, we don’t have leaders; we don’t people that will speak or fight for us. We are on our own as a people and the earlier we realize that and stop entrusting our future in the hands of those who only care about their interest and that of their children, the better our chances. As it stands now, Imo state is like a Titanic Ship that is about to hit the iceberg due to a wrong captain hired to wreck the ship and we the people are at the lowest cabin and might not have a life jacket or survive the freezing condition ( suffering) when the ship sinks. The choice is up to us, complain and keep suffering or we can act. The time is now!!!


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