Operation Amotekun; What Igbo Leaders Should Learn.

The creation of southwest security outfit, AMOTEKUN, is a direct message to the Islamic federal government that the west of the country won’t accept its larger plan of arming Fulani jihadists and throwing Nigeria borders open to welcome more reinforcements. We’re in a country where Fulani jihadists are armed with assault rifles and allowed to roam freely. Thousands have been slaughtered by them, communities have been razed down, and more mayhem promised. After each killing campaign, Miyetti Allah, the umbrella body of Fulani herdsmen, will address press conference flanked by the Nigerian police.

TY Danjuma has since been screaming that the current Nigerian leadership has a sinister agenda. Of course Danjuma should know for he has been up there with them. Obasanjo have added his voice too. And Obasanjo should know for he too has been there. It’s also important that both Danjuma and Obasanjo are now realizing that they didn’t fight for one Nigeria, instead, they fought for the subjugation of the rest by the caliphate.

The purpose of this article, however, is to awaken the consciousness of the Biafran to the unfolding events. Southwest have both political parties, APC and PDP, states. When it comes to issues that matter to them they united to pursue an aim. National leader of APC, Tinubu, is from Lagos state. There is no one political leader, whatever party he or she belongs, that is opposed to Amotekun. It’s something for the security of all Yoruba against Federal Government. Yes, Federal Government.

Tinubu, having observed the caliphate’s intention to monopolize power, has thrown his weight behind Amotekun whose creation has sent a strong message to the Fulani oligarchy that its plan is unacceptable. This is not all about security – it’s also about 2023 presidential race.

From formative stage of Amotekun to its fruition, Yoruba political players and traditional leaders held several meetings, yet not one of them let the secret out. Not one saboteur! They didn’t let in Joe Igbokwe or Loretta Onochie, however they love the duo. The funding went smoothly. The recruitment and training went without notice. Perhaps because all attention was on IPOB. They spoke with one voice. The Fulani-led Federal Government found it difficult to deal with the matter because every Yoruba backed the move. Can the Igbo learn anything here? The greatest bane to our freedom is internal enemies.

Observe that whenever the Yoruba meet to discuss the all-important response to the Fulani-led Jihad plots, they do not advertise it. No one knows they are meeting. For instance, we just saw Amotekun, but we all know a lot of plans and meetings went into it. How didn’t it leak? Igbos should learn to keep secrets. We call them cowards but their actions have spoken louder than words.

Since the floating of Amotekun the Fulani-controlled Federal Government has been jolted. They just don’t know how best to respond yet. And this tells the significance of Amotekun. The East can do it too if we can trust ourselves and work for ourselves. Biafrans have the widest of connections worldwide. But we need unity. We need oneness; we need ourselves; we need one voice; we need each other’s support; we need a rallying point, a rallying figure. We need one purpose, one dream, one pursuit, one mind. Our resources and strength of industry is an unmatched asset. The idea of wanting to swallow each other so as to hold sway is our greatest bane.

See how Tinubu follows Buhari at daytime but at nighttime turns to his people. This way they pulled this huge surprise. Not so with any of us. Once our people get a foothold on government they pitch tent with the caliphate. We’ve never had a set of dumb governors as we have now. The Fulani wish is their command. The great work of IPOB though, is resetting the minds of millions of Igbo youths. This work is growing, and of course, cannot be ignored. The war against IPOB is a war no one can win. You can’t muster huge resources against a course you think will end in vapors.

By Christopher O. Evans


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