Christianity Has Lost Its Utilitarian Value to Average Igbo Person.

The truth is that Christianity is fast loosing its utilitarian value to the average Igbo because of rise of Pentecostalism, which has spiritualized everything. The religion used to provide quality and affordable education, healthcare, soup kitchens and housing in the past. What the religion offers nowadays are prayers in exchange for emptying the pockets of the poor because of greedy pastors. Look, if Islam comes with free education and healthcare, the conversation in igboland may be tsunamic without firing of any bullets.

We seem to have forgotten that the traditional Igbo is utilitarian and syncretic in his religious beliefs. Religion is supposed to be at his service in his quest to survive and thrive and not him at the service of religion. This means that the moment his religion fails to serve his needs, he’s at liberty to embrace a more efficacious foreign religion if he could find one. By the way, this was why Igbo conversation to Christianity was almost total because it offered answers to his existential questions in the 20th century and gave him a head start.

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