Is Islamization of Igbo land a Fait Accompli.

Something is a fait accompli if it has pretty much been decided leaving others no choice but to accept it.

It has been 50 years since the Biafran war but what I invite you to do is ask whether the seeds of Islam have been sown and will germinate and grow into a dominant tree in the Igbo religious forest a hundred years from now.

You have to understand that Islam is not just a religion; it is the total package. It teaches everything from civil code to criminal code to banking, finance, war making, slave management, and even sex management. It does not only preach sexual bliss in the hereafter, it exhorts the faithful to follow Prophet Mohammed and do all the things he did. Mohammed was a fighter, nation builder, philosopher, theologian, judge, warrior, and married many wives including a six year old which marriage he allegedly consumated when the kid was only 9.

So think of the Quoran as the equivalent of any country’s Constitution. For Moslems, it is the highest and best Constitution sufficient and necessary for any Islamic Republic.

The Moslems of Nigeria desire for the Quoran to supplant the Constitution of Nigeria and not just coexist side by side. Their fervent desire is for the rule of Islam to be the supreme law of the entire geographic space called Nigeria.

Would it happen to Igbo land? It happened in Syria, Turkey, Egypt. These nations went from Christian nations to Islamic Republics. In the next 100 years, there would be more Moslems in Europe than Christians. Many Churches in Europe are being converted to mosques as we speak.

Islam is sweeping through the world like a burning fire and it is literally burning the fabrics of well established secular societies but the question is …will it burn through Igboland?

The answer is that while Islam can never be established in Igboland, a dust raising head on coalition of Islam and Christianity is building up in Igboland that will forever define Igboland.

The wave of Islamization is here. It is like Russell’s solitary waves of unquenchable amplitude sweeping throughout Southern Nigeria and definitely encircling Igboland. But would it take root and germinate in Igboland?

The answer is that it is far easier to wipe out Igbo people than to convert them to Islam.

Why is that so? It is because Christianity and its way of thinking is ingrained in Igbo DNA. Christianity is not just the religion established by Christ, refined by the Europeans and packaged and sold to the Igbos as a foreign religion. Before Christianity, there was omenani. The Igbo Traditional Religion is in fact the foundation of Christian theological dispensation. The Igbo Traditional Religion is Judaic in its core essence and if there were one true Igbo left, he would rather deny his existence than follow the teachings of Prophet Mohammed and his atavistic dispensations.

I say this cognizant of the growing population of Moslems all over the world including Igbo land.

It is not because the Igbo is so deeply religious that he cannot be persuaded to try another faith. It is because the Igbo values and treasures the freedom to practice or not practice what he believes.

Freedom and individualism are at the core of the Igbo persona.

Islam does not present the Igboman with much of a choice to relate with his God as he pleases. Islam is a straight jacket. It teaches believers how to pray, when to pray, what to pray about, where to face during prayer, what language to use, whom to love, whom to hate, how to kill, and forbids a believer from unbelieving without loss of their lives. It simply takes away all the freedoms that the Igbo treasure making it a bad cultural fit for the Igbo.

In that sense, the Igbo are like the Jews. Even if the entire Middle East becomes Moslems, Isreal would never be one. Similarly, if the entire Nigeria becomes Moslems, Christianity will forever be the dominant religion in Igboland.

In practical terms, the only way to make Nigeria a wholly Islamic country is to wipe out the Igbos. It is a grim reality but the Igbos constitute such a threat to Islamization of Nigeria that they should appreciate the magnitude of their endangerment as Islamofascism takes deep root in Nigeria.

With Islam’s antecedents, particularly its proclivity for violent proselytization, it seems pretty much assured that the Igbos have a date with genocide unless Nigeria is restructured to give them the autonomy they need and deserve to protect religious freedoms which are deeply ingrained in their DNA.

Dr Gwon G Wolo

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