Antisemitism and Ndigbo.

Broadly speaking, human beings are endowed with two fundamental faculties;

1. Intuitive faculty, and

2. Intellectual faculty.

On earth, both faculties are required for a healthy living. However, like the balance between man and woman, once it is tilted, imbalance ensues, which leads to monumental catastrophe. And we have been destroying one another in the imbalance between intuition and intellect in every aspects of living. This imbalance actually led to the imbalance between man and woman.

Culture and religion, as the most sacred aspect of human beings, were brutalised the most by the imbalance between intellect and intuition. This imbalance rendered culture and religion mere rigid rituals and dogmas. Each attempt to bring illuminating life into culture and religion is opposed vehemently by the critical stakeholders, using the masses as pawns. Religion, today, is used as a tool of subjugation, leading many to re-echo “religion is the opium of the masses, of the poor” mantra.

Religion is not the problem. It is the human being, who practises religion. Human beings can no longer keep their intuition and intellect in harmony. It is this disharmony that has destroyed religion, culture, civilisation and has continued the ruins today.

Christianity, Islam and Judaism arose from the Arab world. Interestingly, Moses and Jesus Christ are of Israel. But because the intuition that would have led us to the understanding of the truth of what Moses, Jesus Christ and Mohammed brought to us have been stunted, we grope in misunderstanding and mutual hatred. So much that anti-Judaism culminated in the holocaust, so much that the existence and personality of Jesus Christ is vehemently denied by the Jews.

Each writing an avalanche of intellectual treatises, justifying and beautifying this perennial dense hatred masking the disharmony between our intuition and intellect in its varied forms. Yet we continue to breed worsening rather than improving humanity.

The parallelism between Igbo and Jews, offers NdịIgbo great opportunity to learn from the Jews, while we correctly interprete (intuitively) our experiences here in West Africa and deploy such interpretations for our development and progress.

Uchenna Nnadị.

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