Asia Not Condoning Christianity.

As for the widely held view about Asia not condoning Christianity as Nigeria/Africa did and therefore has made drastic progress; available historical facts prove the contrary.

The French Jesuit and paleontologist, Teilhard Chardin carried out extensive research on animal/human fossils in China which advanced studies on human origin from the extremes of the Biblical “‘Creationism”” and the Scientific “” Evolutionism”” to the middle-way realistic “”Creative Evolution””..

Lennin, Engels and Marx wiped out generations of Dominicans in the former Soviet Union to enable them plant their own religion – Communism..

It took the blood of several Dominican Martyrs to give room for Shintoism to thrive in Japan – the Japanese Martyrs; several hundreds in the 14th – 16th Centuries..

As we bash Christianity here, Hinduism and Buddhism are still fighting hard to eliminate Christianity in India.
But, the harsh persecution notwithstanding, Christianity contrary to what many think or believe, is very much alive in Asia..

The Jesuits and Dominicans are very active in India. Intact, the administrative status of the Dominicans in India is that of a thriving “”Province””…

Many Catholic Dioceses are flourishing in Japan and some are powered by guess who? — Nigerian Igbo Catholics…
Do you know that there are two “types” of Catholic Church in China: the National Catholic Church – subject and loyal to the Chinese Communist Govt and the Roman Catholic Church – subject and loyal to the Pope/Vatican..
If only we understand the power of Christianity on account of the merits of Christ over and above the failure of individuals, then our view of Christianity will be different..
[31/12, 10:46] +234 802 332 8900: My take on “”Nigerian Christianity”” is that it needs to be fiercely persecuted and to pay a very expensive price in martyrdom of blood before it can mature fully..

Indeed, “”The blood of the Martyrs is the seed of the Church””—-(Tertullian, Father of the Church 197 AD).
Chidube Ubili.

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