Updates On: EgyptAir and Malaysian Airline (MH17) Accidents.

The Egyptair MS804 crash updates. Egypt government says black boxes have been found. Some debris from the missing plane found. It is suspected that smoke was detected on board of Egyptair before it came down. Terror attack is highly suspected. The youngest victim was likely a 4 month old baby girl. President Buhari commiserates with the Egyptian President.  Chinese Premier expresses condolence over the crash. Russian Foreign Minister expressed his condolence. The publisher (C.V.Akuta) has expressed sympathy for the loss of lives on board the Egyptair disaster.

According to news by Skynews tweet, Russian President (Putin) and the Russian State, sued over the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines (MH17), over Ukraine. The families of those that died on the Malaysian Airlines crash of 17th July 2014, shoot down over pro Russian rebel held territory have approached the European Court of Human Rights to press charges against Putin and the Russia State. The legal action is seeking $10 million (£7 million) in compensation per passenger. The families are being represented by an Australian law firm LHD Lawyers co-associate Jerry Skinner. The same person that represented the Lockerbie families. This crash killed all 298 people on board.

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