Tribute to My Hero: Fidel Castro of Cuba.

Tribute to My Hero: Fidel Castro of Cuba.

“I will be 90 years soon. Soon I will be like others. The time will come for all of us” Fidel Castro, 19th April, 2016.

Fidel Castro gave his valedictory speech to Cubans on Tuesday 19th April 2016, and on Saturday 26th November 2016, his passing was announced. Fidel was larger than life. He was a prominent global figure till death and will remain so till a long time.

The Cuban Revolution was a great inspiration to many freedom fighters around the world. Fidel Castro showed the world that, no force on earth can defeat a determined people. His influences were felt across the world. He sent Cuban forces to fight in Angola, in order to stop then forces of White apartheid rule there. He trained many freedom fighters. He was instrumental in the African National Congress (ANC) struggle against white domination.

He was a revolutionary per excellence. He transformed the Cuban society, brought free education and health care. As a result, Cuba has one of the highest levels of literary rates and life expectancy in the world.

Fidel Castro opposed America, as such Cuban was under the worst economic blockade for over 50 years. But at the peak of this blockade, Cuba exported over 30,000 doctors as medical aid to other developing countries. They exported over 20,000 teachers to other Latin American countries for various teaching assistance.

Watching Fidel Castro speak has always been my delight. I have lost count of, number of his speeches that I have watched. Simply can’t get tired of watching him. His aura and charisma are infectious.

He will continue to live in the hearts and minds of people. His legacies speaks for him. According to John F. Kennedy (former American President), “A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on”. Fidel Castro’s ideas will live forever. To that extent, he is not dead.


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