Brexit,Trump and Nnamdi Kanu.

Brexit, Trump and Nnamdi Kanu.

First, yours truly watched leaders of Brexiters (Nigel Farage, Michael Gove, and Boris Johnson) campaign before the referendum, and how they won. Secondly, I watched Trump campaign for his Presidential election in America, and how he won. Thirdly, I have watched Nnamdi Kanu campaign for independence of Biafra. A lot of similarities and outcomes can be established.

All these men mentioned above, have same or similar style. They have far right ideologies. Far right ideologies are now on the increase around the world. They have successfully appealed to the emotions, sentiments and fears of their people. Reason and sound logic might be lacking in their messages. Most elites and professonals of their different societies disagrees with them, and all their vocal approaches etc. But greater majority of the masses, of their different societies support them. Their far right messages sink well with their followers.

They say what their followers wants to hear. Their campaign messages are full of ambiguities and not well thought off. They preach messages of hatred, division, racism, tribalism, seclusion, anti establishments etc. These are why most of the elites in their societies disagree with them. Like in any society, the masses, largely uneducated or less educated are far more than the elites. That’s why these men will elections or referendum.

Make no mistake, if you conduct a referendum today in South East part of Nigeria, Nnamdi Kanu and his pro Biafran agitators would win. Nnamdi Kanu can win Abia State Governorship or Senatoria or any elections he chooses to contest. The pro Biafran agitators that marched the streets of Aba, Onitcha, Owerri, Enugu etc for his release can win him any election at Abia State.

This takes me to an article written by yours truly on 6th November 2015, titled; New Biafran Agitation, What If? (published on,  on the article, I argued that pro Biafran agitators should form a political party or have a political party by proxy. Not long ago, I watched a video on youtube, where pro Biafran agitators, were discussing the pros and cons of forming a political party. If they do and channel their energy towards seeking political power to pursue their mission, then chances are high that they would likely win.


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