Saraki Should Step Aside.

The office of the Senate President is a respected office. The Senate is hallowed chamber. Therefore, in view of (1) the bench warrant issued against the Senate President on (18/09/15) by the Code of Conduct Tribunal, based on some criminal charges, (2) the ongoing investigation about the forgery of the Senate Standing Order, which involved him/his office, (3) his wife’s case with Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the most honourable thing for him is to step aside. This is to enable him time to defend himself. No one knows how long these cases would take, before its ending, going by Nigerian judicial standards.

Stepping aside is in the national interest. It would save the nation and the office of the Senate President from distractions, as his cases are most likely going to cause a lot of media attention. His position as the Senate President might likely compromise his cases etc. Senate Presidency is not a birth right, rather an office to serve the people of Nigeria. Therefore, Nigerians should join the call for him to step aside till his cases are over. Remember, power belongs to the people, power belongs to the Nigerian masses. Hoping that some Senators will begin to discuss the issues raised here.


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