Public Information Disclosure.

The Chairman,
Code of Conduct Bureau,
Private Mail Box 155, Garki.
Tel: 08166606606


Dear Sir/Ma,

Public Information Disclosure.

With reference to the Freedom of Information Act of 2011, and the advice on your website (valid as at the time of writing on 25/09/2015), which states thus, “The public is encouraged to make complaints to the Bureau through personal visits, writing of petitions, telephone calls or e-mails” kindly permit me to request that you publish, on your website or any other media, the assets declarations/documents of past public office holders from 1999 till date. This request is in the public interest.

Being that this request is in the public interest, the writer shall be asking Nigerians to join in this request, by endorsing and forwarding this same letter to you, better still, they can write their own requests to you.

Code of Conduct Bureau’s code number three (3) states, “Prohibition of Foreign Accounts- The President, Vice President, Governor, Deputy Governor, Ministers of the Government of the Federation and Commissioners of the Governments of the States, Members of the National Assembly and the Houses of Assembly of the States, and such other public officers or persons as the National Assembly may by law prescribe, shall not maintain or operate a bank account in any country outside Nigeria”. On the strength of the above, Nigerians in Diaspora should kindly consider to approach relevant authorities, or engage c/overt investigators in their respective host countries, for bank account etc disclosures of Nigerian public officials. This could be a way citizens could help the country.

Sincerely Yours

cc: Nigerians. Please, if you wish to join/support this petition, kindly copy this mail/message and resend to this email

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