Random Comments, on C.V.Akuta Radio Show, Leicester, UK. 8/12/14.

Former Aviation Minister, Oduah, picks Anambra PDP Senatorial Ticket. Premium Times.
Comment:Hold on, thought she was accused of corruption. Illegal purchase of bullet proof cars. Now, PDP has given her ticket to contest as Senator. PDP does not care about its image. Sorry, yours truly has forgotten that, there is no image to care about. Don’t be surprised, she might win. 
Ex-Borno State Governor, Ali Modu Sheriff, in secret visit to arms-ladden Chad bound plane detained in Nigeria. Premium Times.
Comment:Police had “intelligence that hoodlums planned to attack National Assembly, resulting in lawmakers jumping gate” wondering why they don’t have intelligence on this man.
Governors,  Godswill Akpabio (Akwa Ibom), Jonah Jang (Plateau), Theodore Orji (Abia), and Muazu Babangida Aliyu (Niger) given PDP Senatorial tickets. The WillNigeria.
Comment:Senate is a retirement home for Ex Governors, regardless of those who performed badly. By the way, does the Senate on its own, perform/function to the expectations of Nigerians, the answer is No. Please ask them, how many laws they passed between 2011 to present.
Nigerian entertainers , Kate Henshaw and 9ice lose big in party primaries. Sahara Reporters.
Comment:Failure is not bad. It can be turned around to success. No harm in trial. But hold on, they can behave like politicians and decamp to another party and justify that with excuses. After all, most politicians are like prostitutes, jumping from one party to another.
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0 thoughts on “Random Comments, on C.V.Akuta Radio Show, Leicester, UK. 8/12/14.

  1. (1)what position have the IGBOS presently in this your cherished APC?
    (2)What happened to the APC South East delegates in the fisrt APC general congres held in Abuja last year?
    (3)What is your stand on the unrefuted vow of Buhari to Islamise Nigeria,and what impact do you think the eventual implimentation will have on the Igbo nation?
    (4)How do you think you and your Igbo APC members will change any impending lopsided policy of Buhari/Northern Elites against the South East in terms of development/infrastructure,or better,if he fails to honour/implement your proposed memorandum of understanding considering his demonstrated hatred against the Igbos in the past,and more importantly, as they(Northerners) have majority seats in the House of Reps & Senate?
    (5)Has it ever crossed your mind that the menace(raping,killing & destruction of crops) by the Fulani Herdsmen(Buhari's tribesmen)ravaging the South East will escalate uncontrollably under APC? And what if they pass the GRAZINGLAND BILL,which is a ploy to gradually take over/conquer/Islamise the Igbos via that means? SOUNDS TRIVIAL BUT IT'S AN OPEN SECRET!!!!
    (7)What will you Igbo APC members do if Buhari's entire first 4years tenure is devoted in the Northern Nigeria in repairing and restructuring the damages done by Boko Haram?
    (8)How do you Igbo APC members intend to confront Buhari/Northern Elites in the event of obvious massive retirements/depletion in numbers of South East indigens from the Police & Armed forces?

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