Random Comments, on C.V.Akuta Radio Show, Leicester, UK. 2/12/14.

Tension as Boko Haram deploys 52 female bombers in Maidugiri. The WillNigeria.
Comment:Rumours have it that men suicide bombers are promised, reward of seven (7) or more virgins in “heaven”. Wondering what the “promised rewards” for these women, would be in “heaven. May be seven virgin men too. If it’s in the affirmative, that means, they are ready to die, in order to become polyandrous in “heaven”.
Nigerian Government cancels U.S. military training agreement, as relations between both nations worsen.  Sahara Reporters.
Comment:May be Nigerian Government is taking retaliatory actions against the U.S., for refusing to sell arms to Nigeria, for less crude oil purchases, accusations that Nigerian government is corrupt etc. Well, the U.S. has nothing to lose, but Nigeria has a lot to lose. However, Nigeria government can go it alone, if it’s sincere to itself and her citizens. Cuba survived massive/aggressive U.S. sanctions and went ahead to export over 30,000 medical doctors to developing nations. All Nigeria needs are to honestly look inward. Biafra lasted three (3) years, largely because they manufactured most of their arms and refined crude oil locally.
2015: Tread softly with your statements, Clark warns Amaechi, Shema, others. Vanguard Online News.
Comment:Freedom of speech is part of our fundamental human rights. Rather than warn and threaten others for their speeches, why not approach the courts, but again these men have immunity from prosecution. This is one of the shortfalls of our constitution.
President Jonathan behind Boko Haram attacks, no culprit ever prosecuted. Sultan. Newsrescue.
Comment:It’s surprising that there are little or no convictions on Boko Haram. The President seems not to be bothered about it. Most of the President’s comments on Boko Haram are self contradictory. Perhaps, that is why the National Assembly, didn’t approve his request to extend emergency rules, because it’s not working.
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