Nigerian Youths as the Wretched of the Earth.

Mathematically 1+1 = 2; this is absolutely not so in Nigeria, why?
How come Nigerian Youths are not asking questions on how 98% of members of the political establishment (civil and appointed public servants especially elected officials) in Nigeria are wealthier than known and established business people in Nigeria? How come, it does not make logical sense!
Merry Christmas to all patriotic and incorruptible Nigerian Youths who are members of Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria Group
Many Nigerian youths today fail to ask their parents how old they were when they got married, settled down had their children in their own built homes. Many of them absolutely achieved this feat within 22-45 years old. Unfortunately today, the evil establishment seen across the academia, political arena, business sector and even the church in Nigeria have deliberately and wickedly skewed the thoughts of majority of productive Nigerian youths to be slaves, beggars, job seekers for life and majority of the youths remain underemployed for the greater part of their productive years. This must be reversed now. 
According Julius Nyerere the great African humanist, thinker and politician “there is no time to waste. We, the Nigerian Youths must unite now and vote out these unfortunate greedy political establishment and scavengers from power or we shall all perish”…
and we strongly believe that we shall not perish.   
Many productive Nigerian Youths cannot get married, raise their own children or even help others simply because they can’t afford it. This is pathetic and Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria Group is transforming this mentality in the Nigerian youths.
Recently, 17th December 2016, Dr Good Luck Jonathan, Nigeria’s former President posited, whilst receiving an honorary Doctoral Degree at Bingham University in Nasarawa State where he, “condemned the actions of some politicians who he accused of sending their own children abroad, only to recruit children of other people as thugs to fight and die during elections because of their unquenchable ambition, stressing that such acts were against human dignity”.
Instructively, this position of President Jonathan is consistent and agrees with a critical element enshrined in Article 6 of Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria Philosophy and doctrines which stressed that all Nigerian youths Must work together and “REJECT ALL CRIMINAL RELATED JOBS such as; assassination, political gangsterism and thugery, Vote Manipulations, Ballot Snatching, armed robbery, religious riots and terrorism usually contracted to them by the older peoples of Nigerian hegemonic political and economic class”.  Nigeria Youths Must says never again. 
During the occasion President Jonathan went ahead to assert that; “For the young men and women that are receiving their degrees and certificates at this convocation, we are handing over the baton of leadership to you. You must unite and embrace peace for us to have the Nigeria of our dreams.” 
All the members of Stand Youths and Lead Nigerian Group scattered across the six geo-political zones in Nigeria completely applaud President Jonathan for this public statement and direct encouragement and agreement with another key caveat in our doctrines and ideologies which states that;  
“Only the Nigerian Youths of up to age 45 years that have consistently demonstrated patriotism and possesses the critical number which will see them lead Nigeria, across all levels, to creating an upward social-political and economic mobility through an egalitarian society”, Articles 1, 2 and 10 of Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria ideologies. 
Socrates was the teacher of Plato (whose philosophy of the universe is believed to have survived intact for more than 2,400 years) and Aristotle was his greatest student. Three of them all hailed from Greece. Along with the Socrates, his teacher and Aristotle, his student, Plato laid the very foundations upon which the Western philosophy and science was built.  
It is unfortunate that when you talk about Nigeria today, the evil and greedy political establishment, who enjoy been slaves to their less qualified Western allies, have blighted the collective opportunity of our patriotic and productive youths to be reckoned with as great thinkers!!! Rather a vast majority of patriotic and productive Nigerian youths are referred to as the wretched of the earth and waste land of Nigerian by less hard working, qualified and competent contemporaries across Africa and the Western world. This must be turned around and that is what Stand Youths and Lead Nigeria Group wants to achieve by encouraging all academic and patriotic Nigerian youths to vote themselves into political offices now. 

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