My Respect For Innocent Peaceful Pro Biafran Agitators, Killed and brutalised By Nigerian Army.

My Respect For Innocent Peaceful Pro Biafran Agitators, Killed and Brutalised By Nigerian Army.

1. On 14/9/17, I counted 4 dead bodies of peaceful and unarmed pro Biafran agitators shot by the Nigerian army, at the residence of Nnamdi Kalu. Heard many dead bodies were carried away by the army. Watch the video clip.

2. On 13/9/17, a video emerged where the Nigerian army brutalised unarmed peaceful pro Biafran agitators. Watch the video on the following weblink

3. Since when Nnamdi Kanu was arrested in 2015 till date, the Nigerian security services have killed more than 200 peaceful pro Biafran agitators.

4. Nnamdi Kanu was accused of hate speeches. He was arrested and detained by federal government for nearly 2 years. He was tried and granted bail with worst bail conditions. Till date, no court has revoked his bail, neither has any court issued any arrest warrant for him, so why was the army sent to his house?

5. Talking of Nnamdi Kanu’s hate speeches, no one wants to  talk about institutionalised hatred against the Igbos by successive Nigerian governments since 1970 till date. These gave rise to the emergence of the likes of Nnamdi Kanu and many more. “Where you have injustice, you will have rebellion”. Ribadu. Let me highlight some of the government instrument of hatred against Igbos.

6. Till date, South East candidates are required to score highest above every other tribe, in order to gain admission to any federal government school.

7. Till date the South East has the least number of states (5 states) and local government areas. Federal government revenue allocations, appointments, employments, opportunities are based on your number of states. Igbos are among the 3 largest ethnic groups in Nigeria. Igbos make up the second largest ethnic group, at each state of the federation where they live and pay their taxes to the government.

8. In 1984, Major Gen Buhari as military Head of State jailed former Vice President Ekwueme without trial while keeping Ex President Shagari under house arrest. Ekwueme was later tried, discharged and acquited.

9. On September 28th 1979, two (2) days to his hand over to President Shehu Shagari, General Obasanjo signed the Abandoned Properties Decree No 90 of 1979 into Law. By this decree, Igbos lost all the houses/properties they abandoned during the war in Port Harcourt. Igbos ran home from Port Harcourt, during the war. In the process, they left their properties. They never got back these properties, courtesy of federal government decree.

10. In the 1980’s, some villages were carved out of Ndoki, from then Imo State and joined with Akwa Ibom State. In 1976, the area of Ndoki South, present day Oyigbo  area in Rivers State was transferred from old Aba Division and  given to Rivers State. This is an oil producing community, originally belonging to old Imo State.

11. The £20 policy: Every Igbo man or woman was given £20 after the civil ended in 1970, despite the amount of money, such a person had in the bank before/during the war.

12. Unfortunately you can’t beat a child and tell him/her not to cry. You can’t defeat an ideology by force. In sympathy and respect to innocent, peaceful pro Biafran agitators, my social media profile pictures would be changed to Biafran flag.


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