Kaduna Declaration: Matters Arising.

Kaduna Declaration: Matters Arising.

On the strength of the quit notice given to Igbos living at the Northern Nigeria, to leave, by the Arewa Youths Leaders Forum, the followings Must be done immediately.

1. The Nigerian Army should immediately launch another “Operation Python Dance” at all the Northern States in Nigeria, failure to do so would mean complicity on their part. Recall, that the Nigerian Army declared Operation Python Dance at the South East due to the activities of pro Biafran groups. More so, security services were fully deployed on 30th May 2017 during the sit at home protest called by Biafran groups. To achieve a balance, the security services should do same to protect Igbos at the Northern Nigeria.

2. All those that issued the quit notice to Igbos to leave, must all be arrested and prosecuted, like the federal government did to Nnamdi Kanu, Ralph Uwazuruike, Asari, etc. Justice must not only be done, but must be seen to have been done.

3. The federal government must initiate processes to restructure Nigeria. Perhaps conduct a referendum among the component parts of the country.

4. All Igbos living at the Northern Nigeria should consider to relocate back from the North. They should all be conscious of movements around them. Be at the highest level of alert. They must plan response, rescue and repatriation in the event of any unforseen attacks. Past experiences should be a good reference point.

5. All Igbo unions/Igbos at the North should henceforth move in groups and know where each other is at any point in time. Network all members.


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