Igbos Are Better Voting Buhari.

Please find below, the reasons, why Igbos are better voting Buhari.
Political Equation of Nigeria.
Politics is a game of numbers, that involves bargaining, strategic thinking, negotiations, re-positioning etc. It involves give and take, scratch my back, I scratch your back. There are no permanent enemies or friends in politics, rather permanent interest. Also there are little or no room for sentiments in politics. Bayelsa State (State of origin of our President) has only 590,679 registered voters. The entire South South region has a total of 9,486,783 registered voters. Other regions are as follows, North Central, 11,466,596, North East, 10,445,510, North West, 18,616,499, South East, 7,178,185, and South West, 13,188,854. Supporting President Goodluck, means Igbos would expect same support from Bayelsa and South South region, when an Igbo persons wants to seek the office of the President of Nigeria. Assuming the entire South South gives such a person 100% votes, that would not be sufficient to win the Presidential election. But the fact remains that a non indigene cannot secure 100% votes from South South. Besides, no winner has ever secured 100% votes. Therefore, the political mathematics dictates that Igbos support Buhari/North, in return for Northern support, when it’s the turn of Igbos. Per adventure if President Jonathan wins in 2015, by 2019, PDP can never zone the Presidency to South East. Its going North.
South East Economic Interests/Investments.
The Igbos have more investments and businesses in the North, much more than in Bayelsa State and the entire South South region. There are only 6 states in the South South region, while there are 19 states in the North, that is North West, North East and North Central. Therefore, millions of Igbo stand to make more money through their businesses in the North than South South. This becomes more obvious, when there are no federal government support schemes for the survival of Igbo business people all over Nigeria. Igbos survive on self help. Compare it with what the same federal government budgeted for Niger Delta militants in 2014 budget. (A)​Stipends and Allowances to 30,000 Niger Delta Militants under the Presidential Amnesty Programme: N23.6 Billion (twenty three billion, six hundred million Naira). (B)​Reintegration of Transformed Ex Militants: N35.4 Billion (Thirty Five Billion, Four Hundred Million Naira).
Historical Antecedents.
During the First Republic, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe’s party (NCNC) went into alliance with the Northern People’s Congress (NPC). During the Second Republic, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe’s party, Nigerian Peoples’ Party (NPP), broke away from Waziri Ibrahim’s party, Great Nigerian Peoples’ Party. Zik’s party (NPP) won a Governorship election in Plateau State, thru Chief Solomon Lar. This was the only state outside South East, that his party (NPP) won a Governorship election. Chief Alex Ekwueme was the Vice President under President Shagari. Chinua Achebe, was the Vice Presidential Candidate/running mate to the Late Aminu Kano, under Peoples’ Redemption Party (PRP). Ikemba Nnewi, contested Senatorial election and won under National Party of Nigeria (NPN).
Ex Head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida, appointed Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe, as his second in command/deputy. General Sani Abacha, fully sponsored Ikemba’s wedding with his wife (Bianca). General Buhari, chose Okadigbo and Umezoke respectively in 2003 and 2007 as running mates. Ojukwu’s running mate under APGA was Sani Ibrahim Bayero (a brother of the late Emir of Kano). Ex Vice President, Atiku Abubakar chose Senate Ben Obi as running mate in 2007. Igbos voted massively for Yar Adua, against their own leader (Ikemba Nnewi) in 2007.  
Biafran War.
No political story of Igbos, would be complete, without reference to the civil war. The writer does not intend to open old wounds neither will he, exonerate any tribe that fought against the Igbos. Also, this is in response to series of emails/questions that, the Northerners caused Igbos hardship thru the war etc. The major reason for the collapse of Biafra, was not the Hausas only, but principally the economic blockade, starvation policy and change of currency, all initiated by Awolowo and the sabotage from the Ijaws. To make matters worse, Awolowo as then finance minister, gave every Igbo man £20 pounds, irrespective of any amount you had then, plus the abandoned properties, seized by old Rivers State indigenes.
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