Human Rights Records under Buhari and Goodluck Jonathan.

Buhari’s military government jailed two (2) journalists using decree 4, and their offence was that, they published the list of Nigeria’s ambassadorial postings before it was officially released by the government. Thus, Buhari’s military government then considered it a breach of State security. If as citizen you breach a country’s state security, that country will hunt you down, example is America. The United States has been fighting for the extradition to USA of the Wikileaks publisher and Edward Snowden (An American citizen granted asylum in Russia), for leaking American State secrets. Buhari also imprisoned corrupt politicians with lengthy sentences, and lastly passed retroactive laws, especially the one used to try and kill three convicted drug pushers.
Many people have condemned the retroactive decree/law, but what they failed to understand is that, many other countries and governments have also used retroactive laws. The United Nations Tribunals at Nuremberg and Tokyo (Japan) that tried perpetrators of World War 2 atrocities, were based on retroactive laws. In USA, the Adams Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006, has been applied to those whose crimes were committed before the law was enacted. About the time of Buhari’s military government or slightly after, the Western countries were injecting deadly/killer substances to Nigerians caught trafficking drugs. Every one given this injection died. A popular musician from Imo State and a popular boutique owner at Enugu were rumoured to have been given this deadly injection. Both men died. While Western countries didn’t have death sentence as official penalty for drug offences, they were indirectly killing Nigerian drug offenders, through these injections.
Under President Goodluck Jonathan, over 13,000 Nigerians have been killed by Boko Haram, and over half a million Nigerians displaced. Multi billion naira properties and investments, belonging to Igbos destroyed by Boko Haram. Let’s remember that the primary purpose of every government is to provide security, which is also part of our fundamental human rights. On this, his government has failed Nigerians.
His current Interior Minister (Abba Moro), conducted a sham employment examination, in the process over thirty (30) Nigerians died in the stampede from the examination centres. Applicants bought application forms for N1,000 each. Selling application forms is against labour laws. Why GEJ left this minister in his cabinet is beyond imagination.
The government of President Goodluck Jonathan gave a Posthumous award to Late Gen Sani Abacha. Goodluck Jonathan held a closed door meeting with the son of General Abacha. Recall, that same Abacha’s son was mentioned as one of those who tortured some suspected coup plotters (Oladipo Diya’s coup). Abacha’s government killed many Nigerians, including Mr. President’s kinsmen (Ken Saro Wiwa etc). Please, from the above, judge whose government has the worst human rights records.
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