How To Drive Away Fulani Herdsmen Without Firing A Shot.

C.V.Akuta Media cannot independently confirm the story below.  Sourced from a WhatsApp forum.
The Ihiagwa and Nekede Communities women recipe for marauding Fulani herdsmen.
Nekede and Ihiagwa are 2 neighboring communities in Owerri hosting the Federal Polytechnic Nekede and Federal University of Technology Owerri.
Sometime last year, the activities of these Fulani herdsmen became so unbearable with destruction of farms and rape. The women gathered and thought of what to do to stop these killer Fulani herdsmen wielding AK 47. In contrast, the women had no gun, knife nor any other weapon but their brains.
They came together and reasoned what to do to drive them from their communities without firing a shot. They agreed and tasked every woman in the communities to contribute 1 derica cup of grounded pepper each. They brought the pepper together and organized themselves in groups in the night to spread the peppers across all the farms in Nekede and Ihiagwa. The following morning, the marauders came as usual with their cows. Low and behold in less than 30 minutes they lost 15 cows because when cows smell or ingest pepper, they die. Immediately the Fulani herdsmen fled with their remaining cows and sanity returned to Nekede and Ihiagwa.
Now that these marauders have been emboldened to attack Igboland with impunity, let every true son and daughter of Ala Igbo come together and contribute 1 cup of grounded pepper. If you are not in Igboland, you can sponsor 5 cups of pepper to be spread across all farmland in Igboland. We can drive them away without firing a shot. If their cows die enmass while grazing on our farmlands, they will leave our land in peace.
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