Fedsas Aba 88/89 Tree Planting Club.

Constitution of Fedsas Aba 88/89 Tree Planting Club.

1:1 This is the constitution of Fedsas Aba 88/89 Tree Planting Club. This constitution is binding and shall be subject to review or amendment from time to time as and when the need arises. In the event of amendment, it shall be by simple majority.

1:2 Address: 7 Aba Road, Umuahia. Abia State, Nigeria. Tel: 08036755345.

1:3 Vision Statement: Fedsas Aba 88/89 Tree Planting Club would be registered in Nigeria as an NGO, and also would seek inter/national affiliate, with a view to plant the best trees.

1:4 Aims.

Planting economic and non economic trees at designated public and private places.

1:5 Benefits of tree planting.

A. Source of revenue to the people, and source of livelihood.
B. Provides shield during the hot season.
C. Trees serve as a buffer to winds (wind breaker).
D.  Revenue to the state.
E.  Beautifies the environment.
F.  Supports fight against global warming.
G. Replacements to the already felled trees.
H. Source of heat (firewood).
I.  Help with fight against ecological problems like erosion.
J. Improves the quality of air we breathe.
K. Trees provide foods for our animals and livestock.

1:6 Scope.
A. Tree planting.
B. Educate the public on the importance of tree planting.
C. Advice government of the importance of tree planting.
D. Partner with other national and international NGOs/CSOs/Charity Organisations pursuing same purposes as ours.

1:7 Funding.
A. Financial donations from members.
B. Will seek sponsorship/support from public and private sectors.
C. Will seek sponsorship/support from international organisations.
D. We will go into research, production and selling of seedings to raise funds.
E. We will offer consultancy services on tree planting to raise money
F. Grants/gifts.

1:8 Financial Statements to be published yearly. This would explain all the income and expenditures.

1:9 Annual Report to be published yearly, which would capture all our activities of the year in question.

2:0 Bank Account to be opened for the club.

2:1 Membership shall be automatic for any member of Fedsas Aba 88/89 set that wishes to join/participate. Membership shall also be opened to the public to join.

2:2 Registration at CAC:  We shall seek registration at the CAC

2:3 Management Structure.

Chinedu Vincent Akuta, Founder.
Ekwutosi Itanyi, Executive Director.
Uzoma Emehara Olumese, Executive Director.

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