Deji of Akure Vs Eze Ndigbo Akure: The Needless Quarrel.

The author will start by highlighting some facts, about the quarrel between the Deji of Akure and Eze Ndigbo at Akure. You can find the story on the following link.

1.Igbos at Akure shut their businesses to protest the planned dethronement of their Eze Ndigbo (Sir Gregory Iloehike) at Akure, Ondo State.

2.The Igbos at Akure, Ondo State, warned the Deji of Akure against dethroning the Eze Ndigbo.

3.The Deji of Akure accused the Eze Ndigbo of insubordination and disrespect.

4.The Monarch (Deji of Akure) threatened to drive out the Igbos from Akure.

5.The youths at the Deji’s Palace attacked Eze Ndigbo Akure, who came to the Palace to honour Deji’s invitation.

Let me start by saying that every one (including the Igbos) has the right to protest, particularly if they perceived any form of injustice. Protest is permissible. On the issue of dethronement of Eze Ndigbo at Akure. Honestly, except the Deji of Akure installed the Eze Ndigbo himself, and perhaps recognized by the Ondo State council of chiefs/Ondo State Government, then he (Deji of Akure) might not have the powers to dethrone whom he didn’t enthrone. From the news/web link above, the Deji didn’t enthrone the Eze Ndigbo Akure. In contrast, the Eze Ndigbo claimed that he helped to install the Deji of Akure.

The Deji of Akure accused Eze Ndigbo of Akure, of insubordination and disrespect. The news/web link was silent on the nature of this disrespect and insubordination. But yours truly is wondering, if Eze Ndigbo later became a member of Deji’s council of chiefs or a cabinet member? If not a member of the cabinet, then what’s the legal ways to deal with someone accused of disrespect and insubordination? It seems Deji of Akure wants to punish the Eze Ndigbo by dethroning him. Ironically he didn’t enthrone him. This approach might cause more harm than the original harm (disrespect and insubordination) he intended to solve.

The Monarch (Deji of Akure) threatened to drive out the Igbos from Akure. Deji of Akure got it wrong here. The constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, guarantees every Nigerian the right to reside at any part of the country, without let or hindrances. The constitution is supreme. Therefore, issuing a threat to drive Igbos out of Akure is unconstitutional. His threat is null and void. We must tolerate and accommodate each other under the same country.

The youths at the palace attacked Eze Ndigbo who came to the palace to honour Deji’s invitation. This is unacceptable and highly condemnable. This shouldn’t have happened. There are legal and civilized ways to handle issues. Trusting that the palace chiefs would caution these youths. More so, hoping that reason would prevail, so as to de-escalate the tension in Akure, between the Igbos and the Yorubas. Kabiyesi (Deji of Akure), please let peace reign. Let Eze Ndigbo be.


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0 thoughts on “Deji of Akure Vs Eze Ndigbo Akure: The Needless Quarrel.


    The Igbos are the most misunderstood people in Nigeria.IT is very unfortunate. A Yoruba Oba in Igboland will be seen as Oba for the Yoruba's living in Igboland, and will be consulted by the Eze's when it comes to issues requiring the attention of Yoruba residents in Igboland.

    The Yorubas living in Ivory Coast have their Kabiyes's there. On the occassion of Nigerian Independence celebration organized by the Nigerian Embassy, all the Kabiyesi's from all sections of Ivory Coast, and Igbo Eze's and Chiefs, are all invited and given reserved seats on the occassion.

    Go to places like Daloa, Khorogo, Boundoukou, San Pedro, Yorubas, majority of whom from Ejigbo live there, speak the native language of the people, farm the land, have their chiefs and Kabiyesi's .

    That Yorubas are not in Igboland or do not have their kabiyesi' in Igboland as the Igbos are in Yoruba land, is not the make or the doings of the Igbos, but that of the Federal government that concentrated Resources in places like Lagos and other towns outside Igboland, and the Yorubas themselves who feel that they can't live in Igboland.

    The Igbos are the most liberal and welcoming people in Nigeria .There is no federal presence to attract other Nigerians to Igboland, Why can't well-meaning Nigerians think objectively on this matter. If any Eze Ndigbo in any foreign land is extending his powers beyond the Igbo Communities , we should frown against that… It is a shame that this issue is being discussed in the 21st Century Nigeria., ,
    We have British Cultural Centers built in our cities headed by a Custodian of British Culture in whatever name he or she is called. We have American Cultural Centers built in our cities headed by a custodian of American Culture in whatever official name s/he is called,We have German, Chinese, South Korean, Japanese (name them) Cultural Centers built in our cities headed by a custodian of their respective countries; culture, But we don't want the appointed custodians of our diverse cultures to lift up their heads in our cities wearing the symbols of the cultures the represent. What a shame!

    Those who claim that they are the most civilized and educated Nigerians, where does your civilization or education play role in this stupid struggle? Is this behavior not primitivity at work?.

    Fabian Ebogu. (Facebook).

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